POSCO LED wins red dot design awards

March 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 Mar 2012 - Korea’s LED maker wins two of the world’s top 3 design awards: the 2012 Red Dot award and the 2012 iF award.- It is the only Korean LED lighting maker that wins the 2011 Good Design award by the Chicago Athenaeum, which holds the 61-year tradition.(Description: From left, the 2012 Red Dot award winning Linear Light, Bay Light for industrial facilities and Street Light for roads)POSCO LED, an LED lighting manufacturer which boasts the world’s leading technology in the industrial LED lighting, announced on March 28 that its new LED lighting product, Linear Light (the entry name: ELBAR), applicable both to indoor and outdoor environments, won one of the world top 3 design awards, ‘2012 Red Dot Design award’. Prior to this, in last November, the maker received the 2012 iF Design award, that along with the Red Dot award has been globally respected as the top 3 international design awards. And, it was the only Korean LED lighting company that won the 2011 Good Design award, which boasts the 61-year tradition. It was also awarded the “Grand Prix” at the 2010/2011 International Public Design award, the international prize for contribution to public design in the world. Winning the Red Dot award holds significant meaning as it proves the company’s design competitive in all product categories, such as industrial, indoor and outdoor. The company has drawn the world’s attention at major design awards around the globe with its industrial and outdoor lighting products. And, this time, it has won the world’s prestigious award for its indoor lighting product.“Receiving a series of the world-renowned design awards, we has drawn the attention of our customers around the world with an enthusiastic response from European customers in particular who put more values on design,” said Min-a Jeong, head of Design Department at POSCO LED. “Winning the Red Dot award results from our continuous effort to pursue a masterpiece of lighting, which holds timeless value. We will continue to develop innovative design to create more values and to make good products, which customers appreciate for a long time.”The Red Dot award-winning Linear Light targets energy-consuming applications that need longer lighting hour in a large space. As a smart lighting product, which can be integrated with the motion-detecting lighting control system, it can save up to 85 percent of energy compared to the existing fluorescent light. It has a wide range of applications including parking lots, industrial facilities, warehouses and educational facilities. It can work outdoors as well as indoors, as it is resistant to water and soil. And, it allows a variety of installations including raceway, pendant and wall-mounted type. Compared with the existing lights designed in a dull and prosaic style, the Llinear Light designed by POSCO LED features the combination of simple lines and gentle curves, giving a modern touch with an easy familiarity. It is designed to fit well in any circumstance, adding more values to the existing space as a fixture for the purpose of interior decoration.[ Bay Light for industrial facilities – the winner of the 2011 Good Design award and the Grand Prix of the 2010/2011 International Public Design award]It is a highly reliable product, which serves the best quality even in the most challenging environment (high temperature, high humidity and dust). With its own smart fan-based heat management technology, called ‘smart cooling,’ it is able to drastically reduce the size of heat sink and deliver the lightest product, which weighs 3.8kg only, in the 230W category. It features an airflow channel spanning from the cover of a lamp to heat sink as well as a helical shaped heat sink that are systemically designed to give the maximum level of cooling by promoting the air circulation while the fan is working. Its success in delivering the lightest and smallest product based on the outstanding cooling structure enabled the company to overcome the bulky and rough design of the conventional lights for industrial facilities and implement a minimalist and modern approach, providing aesthetic enhancements to industrial facilities.[ Street Light – the winner of the 2012 iF Design award and the 2011 Good Design award]Based on the ‘one-source multi-use’ concept in design, this street light is designed to have a variety of applications including a security light and a floodlight by using the plug-and-play technique to combine the LLE, an LED lighting engine, in the same way to assemble toy bricks. It also offers easy maintenance by allowing the replacement of a malfunctioning engine only. In addition, it enables to pull a family look when many of them are installed in the same space by creating a sense of unity in a sophisticated manner. Unlike those products already in the market, it does not expose the heat sinks outside, adding the perfection to its design.About POSCO LED POSCO LED is a global LED lighting maker established jointly by POSCO, a leading steel producer which has been named “the most competitive steelmaker” by World Steel Dynamics, and POSCO ICT, an expert company in the IT & engineering sector. It creates a synergistic effect by building a collaborative network with globally renowned research institutes and companies, such as POSTECH and RIST, and Seoul Semiconductor, one of the top 3 LED manufacturers in the world. POSCO LED deals with everything related to LED lighting ranging from LED lighting products to smart lighting solutions. Its LED lighting business includes development, production and sales of LED lighting products, which meet a variety of lighting needs in industrial, business, commercial, public and residential environments, and it provides consulting services for LED lighting through its team of experts. About POSCO POSCO is a global steel-making company which has been named “the most competitive steelmaker” by World Steel Dynamics for two consecutive years from 2010. It has been listed on the world’s leading stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It has led the commitment of the global steel-making sector to sustainable management. In 2007, it succeeded in the commercialization of the FINEX facility for the first time in the world. Also, it has been announced that it is included in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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