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March 23, 2012
Date Announced: 23 Mar 2012 As we know,the glare from LED Lamps: It is mainly because the luminance of light source from LED is too glaring. So, it can make people feel sick, uncomfortable and so on from the vision.Now,Gosoled Lighting has solved the glare problem throught half an year developed.Now we have Crystal AR111 and Sprit MR16/GU10 come out!The definition of glare from “The International Lighting Engineering Vocabulary” is a kind of vision condition. It can be caused by the unsuitable distribution of the luminance or too big extent in the change from luminance or the extreme contrast from the space and the time. These can make people uncomfortable or decrease the ability of observing some important objects or can make these 2 phenomena happen at the same time. The glare can make people feel dazzling to cause eyes sore, make people weep and decrease the eyesight. Even it can make people lose the ability of photopic vision caused by the inadaptation from the light and shade.There are 2 kinds of glare: the Direct Glare and the Reflected Glare.The glare from LED usually refers to the Reflected Glare.Gosoled Lighting Manufacturer can avoid this. For example, the lens used can be uneven optical lens. Or the toughened glass from lamps can be frosted.The main theory is as the picture shows: Picture 1 the reflection from surface of an ellipsoid Picture 2 the reflection from spherical surfaceThe above is the theory of light output from lens and reflectors LED usually uses currently. It is not difficult for us to imagine that when the light gathers in the extent of eyesight focus, the strength of light increases when eyes receive the illumination because of the light gathering. It can make eyes feel uncomfortable to cause the glare. Another situation is that when the focus of light gathering is much less than the eyesight focus, because the light ray is too dispersive, the light strength is very weak. This can also make people’s eyes tired to feel uncomfortable. Also, it is one of the reasons why the glare may happen.The core of solving the above glare problems is how to make the light become balanced in the process of transferring. Shenzhen Goso Led Lighting Co.,Ltd solves this difficult problem in the field of LED industry though its own effort for more than one year. The company uses the theory that the paraboloid can reflect the even parallel light to develop the diffuser with the pure paraboloid:Picture 3 the reflection from the pure paraboloid Picture 4 the diffuser with the paraboloid from GOSOLED Lighting Co.,LtdWe believe the applying of this technology will be a revolutionary change in developing the LED Lamps and improving the light environment!

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