Evluma announces price reduction on Clearlights

March 21, 2012
Date Announced: 21 Mar 2012 Evluma announces immediate price reductions on the Clearlight line of LED retrofits. Popular as retrofits for NEMA dusk-till-dawn fixtures, Clearlights can also be used to retrofit Ballast-in-Arm fixtures, a multitude of garage lights and 8” recessed can lights. The price reduction is attributed to several factors: cost reduction of the LEDs Evluma uses to manufacture Clearlights, a mature, UL approved manufacturing processes, and intensive, long-term value engineering efforts.While maintenance savings, longevity and energy efficiency are all recognized benefits for LED lighting, industry pundits frequently blame upfront costs for the slow adoption of LED lighting. Evluma hopes that with these price reductions more utilities and commercial businesses will be willing to embrace LED lighting and begin to reap the benefits of doing so. Rest assured, says the company, Evluma products are still manufactured in the USA from US and imported parts. Evluma's new low price paired with incentives and rebates offered by organizations like Avista, BPA and Efficiency Vermont is designed to make 2012 retrofit projects highly cost effective with attractive returns on the investment.“It is our goal to manufacture environmentally low impact SSL lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting,” said Keith Miller, President and CEO of Evluma. “ With the advent of reduced pricing from our LED vendors, Evluma is able to offer increased quality products for less. This is not just a goodwill gesture, or a one time pricing incentive. We take value engineering seriously and a well designed, sustainable SSL manufacturing process benefits our customers over the long term.”Clearlight retrofits have a field failure rate of less than 1%. “We are strong believers that you cannot 'test in' quality. Rather you 'design in' and continually improve the design and processes to get to quality,” says Keith. Clearlights are now offered with an optional 20kV/10kA surge protection upgrade. A combination of active and passive cooling makes Clearlights superb retrofits. Pricing on the 15W-50W adjustable LED Omnipar, sold exclusively by Service Concepts (except for WA & OR) has also been reduced.Visit Evluma at the upcoming APPA E & O Vendor Expo, April 15-18th, held in Cleveland, Ohio and see the newly announced AreaMax, Evluma's premier LED luminaire for area and security lighting with Bluetooth controls.About EvlumaEvluma is a division of Express Imaging Systems, LLC a business with over 150 years of combined experience developing award winning lighting applications for photographic equipment and the photofinishing industry. Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact SSL lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting.

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