Noribachi premiers Lumenographi artisan LED accent lighting

March 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 Mar 2012 Noribachi, advancing the concept of informed grid interaction with its suite of smart energy products, announces the debut of LUMENOGRAPHI LED architectural lighting.Inspired by the possibilities afforded by LEDs’ uniquely long life, Noribachi explores the concept of fully integrating fixture and light bulb. Without the need to periodically change out a light source, the design becomes a holistic vision of a single light product.Noribachi’s first architectural lighting product, LUMENOGRAPHI helps to advance acceptance of LED technology in designer accent lighting, a segment of the lighting market analysts predict LEDs will dominate with 74% of the market share in the next five years.Designed to integrally marry the LED component with its sculptural environment, LUMENOGRAPHI pieces are meant to co-habit intimate and well-loved spaces with the LED bulb as their focal point. The line premiers with several fully customizable lights, including: a backlit fabric panel, a modular sconce created from dead stock components of first generation LED lighting, and a chandelier intended for use in industrial, large scale applications. Each offers a distinctive visual presence and is conceived to respond to the question: what could the future of lighting look like if we question everything it is now? Noribachi has already pushed the boundaries of LED fixture design with the NORILIGHT, created through the NORI.STUDIO program in collaboration with a MacArthur award-winning sculptor. NORLIGHT seamlessly integrates an LED light source with a stark sling-shaped fixture crowned with a custom shaped solar panel reminiscent of a billowed sail. Conceived by the in-house branch of NORI.STUDIO, LUMENOGRAPHI builds on prior aesthetic momentum and engineering audacity with its inaugural product, LUMENOGRAPHI.I, which seamlessly imbeds four LED tube lights within a fabric paneled frame. LUMENOGRAPHI will sculpt the future landscape of design lighting. With the advent of LED technology, lighting is freed from a multitude of traditional constraints, meaning that the integration of lighting into the living environment can be taken to new subtleties and extremes. With lifetimes exceeding 15 years, the light bulb no longer needs to be an accessible, removable component of the light, freeing up new possibilities of design. “Imagine, for example, envisioning the entire home or building as the fixture, and actually embedding the lighting in the floor, walls and furniture. Maybe the walls glow softly, made of translucent material, with an array of LEDs behind them. Minimalistic lighting taken to its extreme – completely unobtrusive,” says Farzad Dibachi, CEO of Noribachi. “Lumenographi is a playful yet incredibly poignant exploration inspired by the LED. We want to push the limits of lighting, use the LED to its full potential, and disrupt the traditional stasis lighting is currently stuck in. These pieces should absolutely shatter the expectations of what LED lighting can be, not only from a technical standpoint, but from the curator’s view as well,” says Celestyna Brozek, VP of Marketing at Noribachi.LUMENOGRAPHI.I will retail for $598 per panel, with multiple configurations of panels available in multiple color options. For the moment, LUMENOGRAPHI.I is exclusively available through Noribachi’s retail boutique located in its LA headquarters and through Noribachi direct sales operations. For more information, please call 855.283.1100. ABOUT NORIBACHI:Noribachi is advancing the concept of informed grid interaction by creating smart energy products, challenging rote relationships with energy and design.Noribachi’s product suite includes lighting, power systems, and customengineering and design services. These products integrate proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities and an uncompromising devotion to aesthetics. With over 1000 installations – including world class hotels and luxury automobiledealerships – representing a diverse variety of markets across theUS and internationally, Noribachi is a leader in integrating smart power and informed grid interaction with distinctive and human-centered design.Noribachi is a privately held company incorporated in the State ofDelaware with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Albuquerque, NM. For moreinformation please visit

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