Elation introduces Platinum Wash ZFX Pro quad-color LED wash with zoom & chase FX

March 16, 2012
Date Announced: 16 Mar 2012 -- Smaller, Brighter 190W RGBW LED Wash Moving Head -- Emits Output Comparable to 700W Discharge WashLOS ANGELES –– Elation Professional has once again pushed the edge of the LED envelope with the unveiling of its new Platinum Wash ZFX Pro RGBW moving head wash. This time the “push” is by 30%, which is how much more output the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro provides than comparable wash fixtures, thanks to its cutting-edge high-power Quad color OSRAM LED chipset and new innovative HO (high output) optical lens design.Equipped with 19 x 10-watt OSRAM Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro has a total 190-watt LED engine, yet its incredibly powerful output rivals a 700-watt wash discharge fixture in brightness. This extreme power, combined with the unit’s compact size, makes it an ideal fixture for touring, concerts, theatrical productions -- even on the largest stages!Not only is the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro impressively bright, it’s also faster than most moving heads, and it offers some highly desirable added professional features. “ZFX” stands for Zoom and Effects features, which are new to the Platinum Wash series. The Platinum Wash ZFX Pro features a wide-range, high speed 9° - 21° beam angle motorized Zoom (17° – 43° field angle), which gives it the flexibility of narrow beam or wide coverage. Another innovative feature is the addition of “FX” -- Chase/Zone effects, which are rings of LED array controllable zones, making the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro a much more high-energy visual effect than the typical wash – and ideal for added visual eye candy popular in today’s shows. “We are very proud of the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro, because it represents a major design innovation in our evolution toward smaller, brighter, faster, quieter, more energy-efficient moving head fixtures, which is what today’s lighting pros are demanding,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “It’s not only what you see on the outside of this fixture that is impressive. Our software engineers have been very busy with this new product. This is one of the first Elation products in which we have implemented special control features including RDM (Remote Device Management) functions, which allow users from compatible control devices to access service mode settings remotely to get fixture information such as power hours, lamp use hours, fixture temperature, error codes and make menu changes remotely. We have also implemented advanced control features requested by our customers such as HYBERNATION mode, which powers down all fixture functions when DMX control signal is not present for more than 15 minutes, saving the fixture’s motors and fans while not in operation, which is especially important in the fixture life on permanent installations.“Lighting users today are also looking for versatility, and here too the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro delivers,” Loader added. “In this economy, everyone wants to stretch their budget by buying fixtures that aren’t limited to one function, but can be used different ways. That’s why we made the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro very full-featured, and even gave it some unexpected ‘extras’ such as LED array control Zone effects, which allow it to function as eye candy in addition to a smooth stage wash fixture.”Another “extra” that lighting pros will appreciate is the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro’s built-in EWDMX wireless DMX receiver. When used with an Elation EWDMXT wireless DMX transmitter (sold separately), the unit is capable of receiving DMX signals wirelessly from up to 3,000’ away. This eliminates the time and labor involved in laying data cable and, combined with the unit’s small size, makes the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro perfect for installation where space is tight or remote locations are required.A new high speed flicker free and smooth electronic dimmer/shutter LED driver has also been implemented, along with built-in macros for variable white color balance from 2,700 – 8,000k and low noise operation mode, making it ideal for broadcast lighting as well.The Platinum Wash ZFX Pro is operable in three DMX control modes – 20, 32, and 42-channels -- giving users the ability to control all functions of the unit with built-in macros for various color combinations of the LED arrays. When running in extended DMX Mode – 42 Channels-- users can enable 16 bit fine resolution on all Color Channels (RGBW) and fine master dimmer channel control, again ideal for ultra smooth dimming for television, fine adjustment of the zoom optics system and individual LED array/ring control of RGBW colors to create your own fully customizable dynamic chase effects. Users can also create up to four of their own USER MODE channel set ups for customizable control or to mirror / mimic other fixture type DMX modes, which is ideal for retrofit applications where lights are already programmed. The Platinum Wash ZFX Pro’s compact size and light weight (33 lbs. /15-kg.) make it very easy to transport and set up, saving time, labor and space in the truck. Yet, with 700-watt-like brightness, it’s certainly not ‘small’ on output. It’s not ‘small’ on color quality either -- its Quad-Color LED technology provides ultra-smooth professional color mixing with no multi-color RGB shadows.The Platinum Wash ZFX Pro features a new high-resolution color touchscreen display menu panel that makes it easy to scroll through menu options. The fixture can also be operated manually without a DMX controller, in either Stand Alone or Master/Slave modes, via internal programs or programmable user built in shows. Users can also record live snapshot remote DMX controller programs with the unit’s built-in DMX record function. A battery backup menu display button allows users to address the unit without power to the fixture. The unit includes 3 and 5-pin DMX in/out, A/C Powercon input and an auto switching multi-voltage power supply. Its Osram LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours, and it consumes just 350 watts of power at maximum use of all LED and motor functions. Extremely rugged, yet compact and lightweight, the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro can be mounted on any orientation and it measures 14.4”L x 9”W x 19.4”H/ 366 x 229 x 493mm, and weighs 33 lbs./15-kg. The unit is CE approved, with cETLus certification pending.For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit www.elationlighting.com.

For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit www.elationlighting.com

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