Minister impressed by Plessey’s innovative new technologies

March 5, 2012
Date Announced: 05 Mar 2012 Plymouth, ENGLAND –– At the Manufacturing Summit held on February 23rd at the Bristol & Bath Science Park, Mark Prisk MP, the Minister for Business Innovation and Skills, was particularly interested by what was being shown on Plessey Semiconductors’ exhibition stand. On display were Plessey’s EPIC™ sensor technology and its recently launched High Brightness LED technology called MAGIC™.The Manufacturing Summit is a platform to show the government is very keen to promote and support British innovation and technology, as it provides a path to rebuild the UK economy and drive exports along with creating high value jobs. The UK has a phenomenal history of creating stunning inventions and Plessey is working with a number of the UK's leading university research departments to commercialise some of these inventions.Barry Dennington, Plessey’s COO, who spoke with the Minister and demonstrated the two technologies to him, added, “Both EPIC and MAGIC are genuine, game-changing technologies. EPIC is a completely new kind of sensor that detects changes in electric field potential and it has already won numerous awards around the world. Customers are using it in an incredibly wide range of applications from contactless monitoring of hearts to controlling artificial limbs and from motion detection for TV remotes, games, and security to early warning for earthquakes! MAGIC enables us to slash the costs of LED lighting by being able to use standard, high volume silicon production lines for the first time to speed its uptake, in the drive to cut carbon emissions. Plessey made its name by providing amazing products that nobody else made. You just can’t compete with the giant wafer fabs in Asia on cost, but you can compete on innovation. I am delighted to say that the reborn Plessey is following in that tradition of providing the products of tomorrow.” About Plessey Semiconductors LimitedPlessey Semiconductors are leading experts in the development and manufacture of semiconductor products used in sensing, measurement and control applications. Plessey’s products are found in a wide range of markets including communications, manufacturing, medical, defence, aerospace and automotive. Plessey designs products for high performance applications and its range of integrated sensing products includes CMOS image sensors, HBLEDs, Hall Effect devices and its award-winning EPIC electric potential sensors. These products all benefit from Plessey’s high precision, high temperature and radiation tolerant technologies.MAGIC and EPIC are trademarks of Plessey Semiconductors

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