Ephesus provides world’s first LED stadium light at CNY Raceway Park

March 9, 2012
Date Announced: 09 Mar 2012 -- SYRACUSE, NY – The newest innovation in stadium lighting will be unveiled to the public on Friday, March 9th at 10:00am in the Center of Progress Building at the New York State Fairgrounds, during move-in for the “Gater Racing News” Motorsports Show. Ephesus Technologies, an LED lighting innovation company based in Syracuse , NY , has partnered with Central New York Raceway Park to unveil and demonstrate the world’s first LED stadium lighting solution. “We are very pleased to partner with Ephesus Technologies,” says CNYRP President Glenn Donnelly. “I believe their (Ephesus Technologies) Raydeon™ Series LED stadium lighting will not only be revolutionary but will be the most cost efficient and practical option in today’s market.”During the Friday press conference the world’s first racetrack/stadium LED lights will be on display for media and the general public. The stadium LED light is part of the Raydeon™ Series LED lights, which are manufactured in New York , and range in size from 800W to 2500W. The LED lights developed by Ephesus Technologies uses 70% less energy and will maintain a consistent lumen light output for over 20 years. Designed on durability, the lights will endure extreme weather in any climate. The Raydeon™ Series LED qualifies for energy saving incentives. The most important features is that the Raydeon™ Series LED lights can be turned on/off instantly with dimming capabilities, unlike the Metal Halide bulbs that take 20-30 minutes to warm up and create a huge power surge causing a huge spike in electricity. “The Raydeon™ Series LED is the best solution for any outdoor lighting application,” says Joe Casper President of Ephesus Technologies. “Not only are they the most cost efficient lighting solution, but they designed to be dark sky compliant and allow areas to be lit more effectively. The dark sky features of our LED lights will eliminate light spillage into unwanted areas. This is an important consideration for nearby neighborhoods and roadways.”As part of the partnership with CNYRP, Ephesus Technologies will be implementing their Raydeon™ Series LED across the CNYRP facility. “We are excited to implement the state of the art Raydeon™ Series LED at CNYRP. This lighting solution allows us to enhance the overall experience for the racers and fans,” says Donnelly. Also a direct result of the partnership will be job creation in Syracuse , NY . “Our partnership with CNYRP gives us a showcase to display our LED lighting products,” says Casper . “It will promote our innovating engineering capabilities and allow our company to expand and create jobs in central New York .”Members of the public will be able to be a part of the unveiling on March 9th at 10:00am in the Center of Progress Building at the New York State Fair. A press conference scheduled at 10:00am will be hosted by Time Warner Sports Director Doug Logan and will feature CNYRP President Glenn Donnelly, as well as Ephesus Technologies President Joe Casper. The press conference will end with a Q&A for the general public. Ephesus Technologies – Women-Owned Company founded by former Lockheed Martin employees Ephesus Technologies, LLC is a LED lighting innovation company that designs, engineers, and manufactures LED lighting in Syracuse , New York . Ephesus is developing the next generation advanced LED lighting fixtures that will enrich and illuminate the world. Central New York Raceway Park - CNYRP is a modern state of the art multi use facility. Construction will begin in the late spring of 2012 and will include a 2-mile road course, and a half-mile dirt track with the revolutionary new dirt surface SYNDI. For more information about CNYRP visit www.cnyrp.com or e-mail [email protected].

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