Non-contact metrology for commercial and high-end optical surfaces

March 8, 2012
Date Announced: 08 Mar 2012 The ›PLu apex‹ is a compact, non-contact 2D optical profiling system especially designed for measuring any optical surface, including aspheric and free-form optics. Its innovative design is based on Sensofar’s core confocal profilometry technology, a technique that utilizes Sensofar’s proprietary ›Confocal Tracking‹™ algorithm. ›Confocal Tracking‹™ uses structured illumination and a high numerical aperture microscope objective to automatically and precisely determine the position of the sample surface. Using a high-resolution air-bearing stage to track horizontal movement of the objective and collating this with the vertical position of the sensor head needed to keep the surface in focus, the surface profile can be reconstructed with very high accuracy and reproducibility. The ›PLu apex‹ achieves a horizontal resolution of 1nm and a vertical resolution of 0.5nm.Further key features of the ›PLu apex‹ include a range of measurement objectives spanning 10 to 100x, quick and easy alignment of the sample, fast measurement across the sample (1mm/s typical) and the ability to measure up to 65° slope angles. The measurement ranges cover 0.1 to 100mm in the horizontal (500mm optional) and up to 50mm on the vertical axis. ›SensoTRACK‹ software provides a user-friendly interface, simplifying sample measurement, and a basic set of tools for displaying and analyzing data. It also assists the user when aligning the sample for measurement. A powerful aspheric analysis module provides form assessment with respect to a design or a reference form. The ›PLu apex‹ is ideal for characterizing high-volume mass production optics for commercial applications (Blue-ray & DVD, mobile telephones, digital cameras and projector lenses), but is also well suited for high-precision lens and free-form optics designs as used in astronomical instrumentation, leading-edge optical data storage and photolithography.

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