Lynk Labs continues to expand AC/HV LED patent portfolio into chips, packages, and lighting devices

Feb. 18, 2014
Lynk Labs Awarded Another AC LED & HV LED US Patent As AC LED Market Positions For Rapid High Growth

Lynk Labs Inc., the industry leader in patented AC LED & HV LED (“AC/HV LEDs”) technology from circuits to systems has been granted a new US patent in the field of chips, packages/COBs, assemblies and other AC/HV LED Lighting devices. The patent covers vertical market segments of AC/HV LED technology from the core fundamental circuits to the system level.

The recently approved patent US 8,648,539 entitled “Multi-Voltage and Multi-Brightness LED Lighting Devices and Methods of Using Same” is also pending in several other countries including Canada, Europe, China and India. The patents include utility and method claims surrounding AC/HV LED multi-voltage circuits (12/24V or 110/220V for example) integrated on multi-junction single chip structures or using discrete die wire bonding, Multi-voltage packages or COBs, PCBs using discrete packaged LEDs and other Multi-Voltage lighting devices. The patents also include Multi-Brightness AC/HV LED circuits, chips, packages and lighting devices enabling for example a 2-way or 3-way lamp to be manufactured with a simple and low cost AC/HV LED circuit topology.

“In the past year, we’ve seen the AC LED market demand ramp significantly and become the key focus as a cost down and more reliable solution for many OEM customers” said Chick Huber, VP Business Development at Lynk Labs. The AC/HV LED market is facing rapid, high growth opportunities. Lynk Labs has built up a very broad and diverse product offering and IP portfolio globally around AC/HV LEDs. We are very excited about the recent increase in demand and future prospects for AC/HV LED technology getting designed into volume lighting applications throughout the world” said Huber.


Charles Huber