Tridonic will present LED lighting systems and components at Light+Building 2014

Feb. 27, 2014

Tunable White, new converters, LED modules and emergency lighting components

Dornbirn -- At this year's Light+Building in Frankfurt Tridonic will be showcasing components and system solutions for the future. The spectrum includes highly efficient LED modules and OLED modules, control gear perfectly matched to these light sources, and solutions for emergency lighting. A circular display in the centre of the booth provides an insight into the many applications and designs that are possible with these innovative solutions.

Steplessly adjustable white light (Tunable White) from 3000 to 6000 K is promised by the PREMIUM version of the TALEXXengine STARK LLE. In addition to downlight and spotlight applications, this function can now be used for linear and area lighting. The changes in daylight from morning to evening can be simulated, and this gives people a greater sense of wellbeing in various applications. The TALEXXengine Tunable White Linear System with its preconfigured converter and LED module is available as a set consisting of 3 to 5 LED modules and one converter. It offers 700 or 1500 lumen and can be dimmed from 100 percent to 10 percent. Other properties include high quality of light with only small colour tolerances (MacAdam 4) and good colour rendering of CRI greater than 80.

Best white light quality for spotlights
TALEXXengine SLE for LED downlights and spotlights is now available in new performance classes. The FASHION version in particular offers new possibilities in its area of application. With its brilliant white light, this LED light engine offers a new level of quality for illuminating fashion items with LEDs. The new Fashion White has specially selected spectrums. These combine warm and saturated colours with pure cool white. This special LED ensures that LED lighting no longer has to appear too yellow compared with HID lighting. White clothing in particular is displayed to best effect in the light from SLE FASHION without taking on a yellowish appearance. Another crucial factor for fashion lighting is that the SLE FASHION does not emit any UV light. Tridonic is also showcasing the SLE ART version at Light+Building with the new full-spectrum technology and the exceptionally high CRI of 98. SLE FOOD is the version for displaying food to best effect.

Economical single-component solutions
At Light+Building Tridonic will be presenting LED modules with integrated converters for the first time. These include the cost-effective single-component solutions TALEXXengine STARK CLE Integrated and DLE Integrated with an exceptionally compact design. With a height of less than 20 mm the DLE Integrated LED system is ideal for use in downlights. The characteristics are high system efficiency and consistent and reproducible colour continuity. In offices, shops and other sales areas energy savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved compared to conventional solutions.

The integrated solution of the light source and control gear in one component opens up possibilities for simple and rapid replacement, for example in applications in the retail and hospitality sectors. The round CLE Integrated LED system makes it easy to migrate from DD compact fluorescent or T5 lamps in the industrial and office sectors.

Simple implementation of emergency lighting
The EM converterLED product family is a new high-performance series with a local battery supply for emergency lighting in LED luminaires. All standard LED modules and constant current converters can therefore be upgraded to provide emergency lighting. Thanks to intelligent battery management the product portfolio is compact and can be used anywhere.

EM converterLED BASIC provides a solid basis at an attractive price. Function testing and endurance testing are performed manually. EM converterLED SELFTEST performs the prescribed tests automatically, and also self-testing of the emergency light. With EM converterLED PRO the tests can be individually set for each device via DALI x/e touchPANEL, and the results are centrally monitored and documented. All three versions ensure reliable implementation of emergency lighting via DALI. The uniform casing design enables luminaires to be easily equipped with different emergency functionalities.

The functional EM powerLED BASIC 4-Channel series of LED control gear for normal and emergency lighting operation includes devices for individual and central battery systems. Perfectly matched to the TALEXXengine STARK QLE and LLE LED modules, the devices are highly recommended for 24-hour applications in which emergency lighting is required and a corridor function is used to save a large amount of energy.

New TALEXXconverter portfolio now complete
With the TALEXXconverter ECO, TOP and TEC series Tridonic offers tailor-made converters for any application because this three-part platform meets the typical requirements of LED lighting solutions for the office and educational sectors in particular and also for the retail and hospitality sector.

ECO provides the basis for sophisticated and flexible dimming solutions, ensuring optimum operation at all times. The series is suitable especially for the TALEXXengine STARK SLE, DLE, LLE, QLE and CLE. It offers impressive dimming from 100 to 1 percent and exemplary functions such as luminous flux compensation for the connected modules and temperature monitoring. This series offers an exceptionally low value for standby losses of only 0.2 W.

TOP is always the right choice if a high degree of flexibility and optimum performance are required. The series comprises numerous versions and has an adjustable output current and integrated temperature monitoring. It is ideal for all Tridonic LED modules in non-dimmable applications.

TEC contains all the basic functions and offers high reliability at an attractive price performance ratio. The series is also well matched for LED modules from Tridonic and has the benefit of compact dimensions.

New OLED modules
The first bendable OLED module from Tridonic produces glare-free neutral white light and can follow the contours of luminaires, walls, ceilings or room dividers. Its colour constancy (MacAdam 4) hardly changes even if this extremely flat light source is bent. This redefines flexibility in terms of luminaire design. The addition of matching dimmable or non-dimmable converters turns the OLED module into an efficient OLED system which Tridonic will launch in 2015.

The edgeless OLED module system LUREON PUR with its homogenous illuminated field is available in a square design. It offers pure light with a constant colour appearance irrespective of the viewing angle, and is suitable for pendant and designer luminaires, for integrating in room dividers or for use as light emitting wall elements. The optics, mechanics and electronics are matched to one another, as is the associated dimmable or non-dimmable converter.


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