Zumtobel releases Tecton LED linear lighting system

Feb. 24, 2014
TECTON LED is a linear trunking system offering easy installaiton, energy savings and low maintenance. It is available with 4 different distributions - Wide Beam, Shelf Beam, Narrow Beam and Asymmetric Beam - suitable for a wide variety of applications such as supermarkets, retail stores, libraries, laboratories, warehouses, factory spaces, offices and many more.

Even when different distributions are placed next to each other, TECTON LED appears as a consistent continuous-row system without any visual interruption or different reflectors. All that is needed to create a continuous-row LED lighting system is a trunking unit, feed, an LED luminaire (batten) and mounting hardware. Thanks to an audible and visible fastening system, the luminaire and the pre-wired 7-pole trunking for 3 switchable legs are quickly and securely connected.


Lauri Blake, Product Manager - Zumtobel