Arima Optoelectronics releases molybdenum-substrate LED die

Feb. 13, 2014
Arima Optoelectronics: Large size flagship LED die made by MOLY substrate hits market this year.

Through the company's efforts in the second half of 2013, Arima Optoelectronics successfully launched super-bright red and yellow silicon-substrated die. This series of LED die uses unique "laser-cutting on silicon substrate" patents owned by Arima Optoelectronics. This year, Arima Optoelectronics has achieved a further breakthrough with Arima-exclusive MOLY (molybdenum) substrated LED.

Compared with silicon substrate & GaAs substrate, MOLY (MO) substrate has better heat conductivity. With Arima Optoelectronics’ epitaxial technology and new mask design, these MO-substrated die are capable of withstanding high application driving current.

Based on 14 mil chip size, it exhibits a stable performance under 150 mA driving current. These new generation MO substrated LED die are now available in 14, 20 and 42 mils -- 3 different sizes.


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