Scripps College Performing Arts Center installs Ovation C-640FC LED from Chauvelt Professional

May 16, 2014
CLAREMONT, CA -- At 43,370 square feet (almost a quarter of it newly constructed), the Scripps College Performing Arts Center is already quite substantial, but this impressive Los Angeles area facility just underwent an “expansion” of different kind when Brian Longhofer of BCT Entertainment installed 11 Ovation C-640FC LED wash fixtures to light the 42’ wide cyc that runs across its stage.

Like school theater administrators everywhere, Scripps officials were seeking to expand the creative possibilities of their performing arts center without investing in elaborate sets by washing their stage backdrop with color changing light. A modern-day successor to the traditional cyc light with 64 3- to 5-watt LEDs (16 red, 16 green, 16 blue, 8 white, 8 amber), the Ovation C-640FC fills this role with “flying colors.”

“Our general objective in this project was very straightforward,” said Longhofer. “My client wanted a fixture with an even field and strong color changing ability to light the cyc so they could enhance performances and add an extra level of versatility to the stage.”

The LD accomplished this by positioning 11 Ovation C-640FC fixtures on a truss bar 2-feet downstage from the cyc. Linking the fixtures was “effortless,” according to Longhofer. “Using powerCon® in and out, as well as data in and out, we ran one circuit and one data line to the pipe and daisy chained the entire lot,” he said.

Longhofer singled out the Ovation C-640FC’s smooth an accurate color mixing for helping him achieve his design goals at the Performing Arts Center. The inclusion of white and amber LEDs in the fixture’s mix facilitates the blending of a rainbow of colors, including soft pastels and hard-to-create yellow and gold shades.

“Color mixing was one of the primary reasons behind this fixture being chosen,” said Longhofer. “We did a shootout with cyc type fixtures from three different manufacturers, and the Ovation came out on top.”

The Ovation C-640FC, which has 16-bit dimming control of each color, was also praised by Longhofer for its dimming features. “The dimming was fantastic,” he said. “There was a nice even dimming curve across the whole range; the color remained solid along the entire dimming curve with no noticeable shift.”

Aside from valuing the expanded possibilities created by the Ovation C-640FC, Scripps College administrators were impressed with the energy-saving benefits of the LED wash fixture. “Power draw is always a concern today, especially when you’re working with institutions like a college, because there is much more emphasis placed on being green,” said Longhofer. “My client appreciated the fact that these fixtures consume so little energy and that they could be assured of virtually never having to change lamps.”

Still, at the end of the day, it was the quality of the color that earned the Ovation C-640FC such high marks at Scripps College. “We wanted a light that would make the stage more versatile with color changing capabilities, but we got much more,” said Longhofer. “The client and I were both impressed with the high output, smooth color rendering, and even field of this fixture -- it was more than we even expected.”

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