MetroSpec's FreeAir trimmable LED light source eliminates heat sinks

May 2, 2014

(St. Paul, MN) MetroSpec Technology announces FreeAir™, its heatsinkless, trimmable LED light source that replaces conventional fluorescent tubes.

FreeAir is a thin, continuous strip of circuits designed to eliminate the need for heat sinks in fixtures. This new product technology incorporates the most innovative high-efficiency LEDs along with MetroSpec’s patented FlexRad™ heat spreading system. FreeAir is self-cooling and surpasses the luminous output levels of present-day fluorescent tubes. MetroSpec’s advanced FlexRad technology also makes it possible to trim the circuits to any length, shape, or curve at the time of installation. Color quality and performance are always consistent regardless if the strips are provided as pre-wired or in 300-foot reels. Single strips up to several feet long take the place of multiple circuit boards. Whether equipped with wires or connectors, FreeAir enables single point connection to a wide range of LED drivers. Dimming, occupancy sensing, and daylight set back can also be included in fixture designs without compatibility issues. When comparing FreeAir to fluorescent tubes, FreeAir LED light source strips are brighter, twice as efficient, and more uniform in color. About MetroSpec Technology MetroSpec Technology manufacturers privately labeled FlexRad™ LED light source technology, exclusively for light fixture manufacturers. Its patented FlexRad LED technology provides high-performing, customized solutions for architectural, commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, outdoor, and signage manufacturing customers.


Bobbi J. Jensen, Director of Marketing Communications - MetroSpec Technology


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