IST develops app to calculate voltage drop between LED drivers and light fixtures

May 8, 2014
IST announces the launch of its first ever app for Android mobile phones and tablets.

The aptly named Dr Voltz is an intuitive, highly user-friendly app capable of calculating the voltage drop between an LED lighting fixture and an LED driver, depending on the length of cable which links the two, as well as a number of other critical installation factors.

Dr Voltz simplifies calculating the voltage drop for either constant voltage or constant current LED applications and assists in planning cable runs, cable specifications and LED system parameters to avoid potential onsite LED installation issues.

By downloading the free app from Google Play and entering a series of data values into the Standard Calculator, including the cable diameter, fixture voltage, distance from the fixture to the LED driver and the forward current of the LEDs, the app calculates a voltage drop value for a specific cable length. In addition, the user is also provided with a value at which the driver voltage should be set, in addition to a simple graph demonstrating voltage drop along the length of the cable.

Don’t waste time by doing cumbersome calculations in electronic spreadsheets; Dr Voltz provides quick, accurate voltage drop calculations and an automatic warning when the LED forward current exceeds the rated cable forward current.

The Advanced Calculator goes one step further and allows the user to determine the maximum LED forward voltage and number of LEDs within a remotely placed fixture, given an LED driver voltage and cable distance.

IST developed this app in order to facilitate installation designs for its iDrive® centralised LED driver range and customer demand was so high for a simple app that the team released the free app for everyone to use.

The Dr Voltz app is free to download from Google play at and is compatible with Android version 4 and all subsequent software versions.

IST Ltd is a world-class lighting company, specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative, ultra-efficient lighting systems and LED drivers.

The Serenity Lighting® portfolio includes patented white, dimmable and tunable LED downlighters, as well as RGB lighting solutions. The company has experience in commercial, wide area, architectural, retail and entertainment applications.

The research and development team has more than thirteen patents worldwide and a reputation for developing high-quality LED drivers used by global lighting companies. The iDrive® LED driver range, including single, 3 & 4 channel, RGB, mains dimmable , non dimmable, DALI and the impressive centralised iDrive® range, provides a high degree of innovation, significant energy efficiency and the world’s first variable voltage, variable current drivers.

IST’s LED driver range incorporates the patented Colour Cool™ technology, using Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) to provide optimum colour mixing (RGB) and full additive luminosity. When integrated into a closed-loop temperature monitoring system, it ensures optimum output regardless of environmental conditions and offers significantly more efficiency for LEDs when they are dimmed.

IST offers over 20 years’ experience in traditional and solid-state lighting solutions, including award-winning electronic and optical system designs including controllers, luminaires, light engines and LED drivers.


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