S+H Technical Support provides dynamic LED dance floor for British film

April 28, 2014
The sizzling live dance action at the heart of the newly released British movie “Cuban Fury” directed by James Griffiths and starring Nick Frost was given additional visual dynamics by S+H Technical Support’s Video Floor product.

Thirty-six panels of the Video Floor were delivered and installed as a dancefloor surface at north London venue Koko by S+H for production company Awesome Effects. All the riveting salsa sequences were filmed there over the course of a week. The floor brought colour, animation and plenty of WOW factors to the party, and is clearly visible in the scenes as the film reaches a crescendo.

Says S+H’s Terry Murtha, “It’s fantastic that our product was chosen for its part in the film... it’s great to have a bit of glamour in the house! The floor did a great job in adding excitement and bringing a whole new layer of depth to the filming”.

The super strong Video Floor, which is manufactured specifically for the Devon, UK based drapes, starcloth, LED and visual effects specialist has been designed as a dedicated floor product. It is a new concept in digital expression... and ideal for numerous scenarios. It can be fed with video content from a selection of sources -- in this case it was via a laptop -- and is incredibly robust. The frames are constructed from durable aluminium alloy and the fascias from rugged rosin plastic. Each tile has an impressive weight loading of 500 Kgs and which will endure the dynamic loading of people bouncing, jumping and dancing all over it!

The Video floor uses 3-in-1 SMD LEDs, has a pitch of 32 mm and utilizes dot-correction technology to produce consistent colour and super luminosity. Other features include quick and straightforward assembly and an IP65 rating... although of course this wasn’t relevant for Cuban Fury! The video floor has also been used on several editions of popular TV show The Cube where it made up the floor of the cube itself. S+H also supplied their RGB Chameleon starcloth for filming parts of “The Harry Hill Movie” which premiered at the end of last year.


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