Tyanshine Photoelectric develops RGB COB LEDs for stage/studio lighting

April 21, 2014
To optimize the lighting effects of stage/studio luminaires, Tyanshine developed its chip-on-board (COB) RGB LED series to replace the high power LED which has been widely used for a PAR light or spotlight. There are 3 standard sizes: 28x28mm, 38x40mm, and 52x60mm, which covers 40W, 80W, and 150W respectively. The size or wattage could be modified for a customized requirement.
And 4in1 RGBW, RGBA will come soon...

General parameters:
Ta = 25°C
Size (mm): 52x60 | 38x40 | 28x28
If (mA): 1500 mA | 600 mA | 600 mA
Vf (V): 23~33 | 30~40 | 16~20
d(nm): 620/Red | 520/Green | 460/Blue
2 1/2: 120°
V (lm): R1550 G3000 B950 | R750 G1200 B350 | R400 G600 B180
LES(mm): 32.8 | 18.5 | 13.3

Features of the COB RGB LEDs:
1. Excellent effect color-mixing, unifority light output;
2. Multi-color effect to realize different applications;
3. New structure of LED array, high-speed heat-emitting ability
And more.

About Tyanshine:
Established in 2004,Guangzhou Tyanshine Photoelectric Co., Ltd is located in the city of Guangzhou - the Port city with convenient traffic system in Pearl River Delta. There are several imported LED fully automatic product lines, and more than 200 employees, including dozens of R&D, technical and production management staff.

There are SMD/DIP LED chips, Piranha LEDs, RGB power LEDs, full color COB LEDs, which are widely used for LED lighting, LED displays, LED stage lighting and other electronic products.

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