Americlock illuminated with Vivid LED Neon by Green LED Lighting Solutions

April 21, 2014
Neon lighting has ruled the commercial lighting industry for many years. It is bright and attractive which is why it is great for commercial purposes. Aesthetics isn’t the only benefit to upgrading to LED Neon. In addition, its operation is environmentally friendly. Its no surprise Americlock, Inc. called upon Green LED Lighting Solutions to provide LED Neon Flex to their Boston installation.

The neon lighting is found around the exterior of the clock in bright white lights that make it visible around the city. With this, the hands of the clock are bright green Vivid LED neon lighting. The colors are vivid and easy to see when the sun goes down whether people are on the ground or in another building looking out.

There are a few benefits that the Vivid LED neon lighting offers over traditional neon lighting. The biggest benefit is that it is much more energy efficient. It also requires less maintenance and is substantially more durable than traditional neon lighting. LED Neon offers a longer life and are safer to use than traditional neon lighting.

This Vivid LED neon lighting was first introduced to the public back in 2006. While this started out with just one product, the company has expanded to offer a whole line of different flexible LED neon lighting options to the public. Some of the products in this line include neon rope lights, neon strips RGB, LED light tubes and many others. Green LED Lighting Solutions is the only company that makes commercial quality flexible LED lighting.

In the last few years, Vivid LED neon lighting has been found in a number of high profile places, aside from the Americlock in Boston. In 2012, the lighting on the background of the Oscars was Vivid LED neon lighting. This lighting was also used during the Bob Marley tribute during the 2013 Grammy’s. Even the bright blue lighting on the top of the Mallick Tower in downtown Fort Worth, TX is Vivid LED neon lighting. It is being used by businesses of all sizes due to the advantages it provides over traditional neon lighting.

To get more information about Vivid LED neon lighting, visit the website for the company at Here you can find out more information, including how to purchase this lighting.


Address: Green LED Lighting Solutions LLC.