WardBright releases COB-based LED light with radial heatsink for film and entertainment lighting

April 17, 2014

Pushing for big light from a small package, Wardbright releases the Sirius R Series of LED lights in 150w, 240w, and 280w.

Dallas, TX -- When you hear "LED lighting" in the film or ENG industries, most people think of another black box, but WardBright has rewritten the rule book. The Sirius R Series is a bold departure from the "box." With a radial heat sink that's sure to grab some attention on set, WardBright has been able to put up to a 280w monoblock COBLED chip in a housing that requires no cooling fan, all while retaining an IP65 weatherproof rating.

The whole design is DP friendly with an integrated industry standard speed ring for mounting softboxes, octabanks, strip banks or barn doors. The speed ring also spins 360° to allow repositioning the angle of a softbox or barn doors to flag just the right amount of light. With all aluminum construction, it's a sturdy build with high quality knobs and a 5/8 stud mount. Another simple feature that really sets this unit apart is the rear handle which doubles as a floor stand or "landing gear." The whole Sirius R Series line offers user friendly setup with the ability to mount any model on a standard light stand. The Sirius R150 is also small enough to be mounted on a C stand or boom stand to be used up high as a rim light or kicker. The lights remain cool enough to touch with your bare hand, even on lengthy shoots, so it's possible to make adjustments to the unit or the optional barn doors without the use of gloves. That's a welcome departure for most DPs. Balanced for daylight at 5000k, The Sirius R Series offers clean, even light spread out at a native 120º beam angle which makes the light ideal to use with or without additional light shaping tools like softboxes or octabanks. The power supply is a standard 110AC driver which doubles as an IR dimmer and comes with a remote control. The connectors are all quite substantial and really feel secure with the water tight fittings. The main supply cable to the light is 15' long so you can raise the light high up on a stand and leave the driver safely on the floor. If a DMX driver is the preferred method of light control, a DMX compatible version is also available for the same price as the IR model. WardBright is making their industry debut with the Sirius R Series LED lights at the NAB Show 2014, and simultaneously launching an online store at wardbright.com. The obvious feature that sets the series apart is their radial heat sink which seems to disappear when looked at from the back. The Sirius R150 is listed at $1899.00, with a special promotion for the NAB Show available on the site under wardbright.com/specials. The Sirius R240 is listed at $2499.00 and the Sirius R280 at $2699.00. WardBright anticipates shipping to begin on June, 30th, 2014.


Jason Ward - WardBright

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