RGGLED exhibits LED screens at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt

April 7, 2014
European LED specialist RGGLED from Lithuania enjoyed a busy and productive time at the 2014 Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt where they exhibited their newest products in Hall 11.
Highlighted on the booth were RGGLED’s range of standard LED screens, their new LED Soft Screen and their hard-wearing LED Video Floor.

Based in Lithuania, which is -- proudly -- where all the product design and manufacturing takes place, RGGLED offers nearly 20 years’ experience in this specialist market, and its products have become widely used throughout Europe and known for their rugged build and quality engineering.

RGGLED’s standard LED Screen is available in a number of pitches including P-10, P-12, P-16 and P-24, but it was their new P-6 high definition and high brightness product that was turning heads at Frankfurt. This is an indoor / outdoor screen that is ideal for rental, staging and sporting applications. It’s incredibly bright and can be clearly seen even in bright sunlight.

The Soft Screen attracted much attention as well. Also known as ‘LED Net’, this is a unique product launched a couple of years ago. It is available in 1.8 metre square sections. It features a variable pitch which can be tailor-made to exact client requirements and is so flexible that sections can be wrapped up and carried as luggage if necessary!

RGGLED Soft Screen is designed for very quick and easy deployment - the sections connect together rapidly using special clips. Over 8500 square metres of this was used to create a spectacular LED ceiling for the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Asian Winter Games in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The two biggest advantages of RGGLED’s Soft Screen, in addition to the adjustable pitch, are the light weight -- 1.4kg per square metre -- which also helps to make it even more portable and the quick-connect construction which enables large areas to be deployed very rapidly.

The fact it can be used in windy outdoor environments is also a huge benefit. This is because the LEDs are fastened to soft material strips with no wind resistance, however the overall construction is also firm enough to allow climbing if necessary!

The Video Floor features black aluminum frames and a clear glass surface giving it a fabulous look that’s made it a popular choice for RGGLED’s clients. It’s currently available in 20.83 and 31.25 pixel pitches and -- as you would expect -- is highly durable and able to sustain heavy dynamic loads! Its versatile shaping allows it to be used in any space -- and popular applications include for tables and as dance floors / podiums as well as for fashion show runways or plinths for car and other product exhibitions / displays.

At Frankfurt the RGGLED team, which included CEO Gytis Mikelinskas, saw many visitors with different projects who were interested in all the products. "We had a very successful show. In general, we saw good quality people and lots of them!" he commented, adding that many visitors were from the north, east and west of Europe

RGGLED regards Prolight-Sound as an industry networking hub and a great opportunity for meeting new contacts as well as to discuss existing ongoing projects. The company was exhibiting at the expo for the seventh consecutive year, and in that time business has expanded steadily and reached further and further afield.