Green LED Lighting Solutions provides LED Neon for restaurant and bar

April 11, 2014
LED Neon Flex is proud to announce the installation of new eco-friendly LED lighting solutions in the Lucy Restaurant and Bar located at the Bardessono hotel, restaurant and spa. The Hotel and Restaurant were built to LEED platinum specifications. Bardessono promotes energy efficiency and green lifestyle choices while maintaining a luxurious experience. LED Neon lighting solutions are used in the hotel’s Lucy restaurant and bar. Specifically, LED Neon Flex has provided the brilliant illumination in the "LUCY" sign that hangs near the entrance to the restaurant. LED Neon Flex technology is also used in the to highlight an eye catching contemporary twist on an outdoor fire pit.

LED Neon Flex offers a wide variety of different products that customers can choose from to meet their green and energy efficiency needs. LED Neon Flex Vivid, for example, is a high output commercial line of products that are unmatched in all the important qualities like durability and overall light output. They are available in a diverse range of vivid colors that will meet the design needs of any business. Bardessono chose a vivid blue to highlight the interior of the Lucy sign, making it an elegant centerpiece of their restaurant’s entrance and interior.

Other products available from the company include LED Neon Rope Light, which uses one-tenth of the energy as glass neon, and LED Neon Lighting Drivers, which are accessories to the company's linear lighting solutions.

Green LED lighting solutions is proud to contribute to the outstanding effort of the Bardessono hotel, restaurant and spa to be a leader in energy efficiency. In addition to being the first (and only) LEED platinum certified hotel in the state of California, the hotel was also the 2013 TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award winner for the top luxury hotels. It was ranked as the number three luxury hotel in the United States and the 25th best hotel of its type in the entire world.

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