LG Chem reveals the world's largest OLED light panel at Light+Building 2014

April 1, 2014

OLED for general purpose lighting

LG Chem reveals the world's largest OLED light panel N6SD30 (320 x 320mm) at Light + Building 2014. The panel has an efficacy of 60lm/W, a high CRI (greater than 90) and is only 1mm thick. This single panel is capable of a maximum 1,000lm output, which is similar to a common 75 Watt incandescent lamp. This is significant because it marks the point where OLEDs will not only be seen as an energy-efficient and human-friendly light source but also come to be seen as a fit-for-purpose and proficient general purpose light source. LG Chem uses unique film encapsulation technology to seal the face of the product and ensure that it is just 1mm thick and less than 300g in weight. In addition, long-life organic materials and a heat-resistant structure are used for a 40,000 hour lifetime. Samples are available on request.

N6SD30 Specifications

The World`s Largest OLED Light Panel (320 x 320mm)
Model N6SD30
Thickness (mm) 1.00
CCT(K) 3,000
Efficacy(lm/W) 60
Flux(lm) 850
Uniformity(%) Greater than 85
CRI Greater than 90
Voltage(V) 8.5
DC Current (mA) 1,700
LT70 (Hrs) 40,000

LG Chem, the leader in the OLED light panel market

LG Chem started providing OLED panels to the lighting market in 2011. Since then, LG Chem has been recognized as a market leader with the industry's top-performing products across its diverse portfolio. LG Chem offers OLEDs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Eight different models are available with three different color temperatures (3000K/3500K/4000K), which deliver high color rendering levels (CRI greater than 90) as well as achieving high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan.

Collaboration works

LG Chem develops its own designed luminaires to show how OLED panels can be used in real life applications. Free-Stand (picture shown above) is made with two panels of N6SD30. Also, LG Chem collaborates with major companies in many industries. At Light+Building 2014, LG Chem showcases collaboration works with BMW, VW, Glass Trosch, Saint Gobain, JBSB and more. Any major collaboration projects are welcome anytime.

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For collaboration projects with LG Chem, please contact Suh, Sebastian W.


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