Lumens launches silver-free flip-chip Ergon LED for automotive and general lighting applications

April 8, 2014

- Ergon could be applied in lighting and automobile

Lumens (CEO Tae Kyung Yoo), a company specializing in LEDs, will step into the LED-package competition with the introduction of Ergon Series (photo). Lumens, for the first time, has innovated a lighting LED that does not use a silver reflector and instead incorporates an Ag-free flip chip.

The Ag-free flip chip was jointly developed by Lumens and Semicon Light, and it has evolved from the horizontal LED chip, which has been prevalently used. The horizontal LED does not allow easy outlet of heat and only allows the heat to exit through the top. This has created a fundamental problem of worsening its performance and durability. Flip chip technology was developed in response to this problem, and flipped the LED chip so that the heat sink would be attached directly to the chip. In such cases, silver (Ag), an excellent reflecting material, had to be used as a reflector to emit light. However, Ag lacks adhesiveness and presents a problem in terms of long-term durability and high cost.

The newly developed Ag-free flip chip LED does not use a silver (Ag) on flip chip reflector but used mineral semiconducting thin film. Not only does it ensure excellent reliability but also it can achieve higher reflection than Ag and has higher luminous efficiency. We were was able to reduce the cost by simplifying raw material costs and the process.

To develop the Ag-free flip chip, Lumens and Semicon Light spent two years and approximately $12 million in development costs. They applied for about 50 patents regarding the flip chip and LED application. Based on the withholding permission, the Ergon series that can be applied in lighting and automobile products will be in the market.

Ergon Series products are smaller in size but are able to conduct higher current than the existing LED package. Therefore, they can reduce the cost of LED lighting and automotive lighting by 20%.

Ergo series 3030, 5050, 7070 will be released with the form of latest trends in lighting products COB (LED chips directly attached to the PCB form of an LED Package). The company announced its plans to submit its Ergon Series at the Light+Building Exhibition, the world’s largest LED exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany on March 30th, and also secure retail stores abroad.



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