PhosphorTech develops high-light-extraction version of remote-phosphor sheet technology for LEDs

April 24, 2014
PhosphorTech has recently demonstrated a high light extraction (HLE) version of its remote phosphor RadiantFlex sheet capable of improving LED wall plug efficiency (WPE) by as much as 31%. The new technology enables the thin remote phosphor sheet to couple directly to the top surface of a COB LED encapsulant using a high performance silicone layer that can withstand temperatures as high as 260C. This results in increased light extraction and more effective thermal management that can lower the phosphor operating temperature and improve both efficiency and longevity. The remote phosphor sheet can be die-cut and applied to the LED surface using standard pick-and-place equipment. This technology has also been used to demonstrate LED light engines with ultra-high color rendering index (CRI Ra~97) with high R9 in all colors ranging from "warm white" (CCT~3000K) to "cool white" (CCT~5500K).

For details, please download the updated RadiantFlex online datasheet at


Dr. Hisham Menkara, Vice President - PhosphorTech Corporation