Chauvet releases Q-Wash 419Z LED moving head wash-light fixture

April 30, 2014
SUNRISE, Fla. -- Bold, animated washes of color are being used to add visual excitement to an ever-growing array of events and venues -- from corporate meetings and mid-size productions, to neighborhood taverns and restaurants. Now CHAUVET Professional is answering the demand for a mid-range multi-purpose high-power color-mixing luminaire that’s as fast, bright and electrifying as it is versatile and value-driven. The company has introduced the Q-Wash 419Z LED, a high-output RGBW moving head wash fixture that provides the power and design tools to adapt to a wide range of projects -- including a flexible 7°-25° zoom and zonal LED control -- yet also fits comfortably into the budgets of lighting pros and their clients.

Ideal for the production, touring, theater, nightclub, installation, corporate and rental markets, the Q-Wash 419Z LED will create attention-grabbing high-definition color wherever it’s used. That’s because this little dynamo is filled to the brim with powerful LED emitters -- a total of 19 x 15-watt RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LEDs -- which produce a brilliant 3,046 lux at 5 meters (narrow beam). Not only is the Q-Wash 419Z LED impressively bright, its 4-in-one LED configuration, which includes white diodes, along with a color temperature range of 2,800 to 10,000K, give it the ability to blend a limitless palette of smooth, rich colors. This allows users to create just the right hue for any application -- from variable whites, to the palest pastels, to the most vibrant jewel tones -- with no annoying RGB shadows to distract from the visual mood.

The Q-Wash 419Z LED’s professional zoom feature gives it even more versatility. Users can adjust its angle from 25° for a wide-surface wash to a drawn-in 7° for a more concentrated beam effect. Another of the Q-Wash 419Z LED’s features that goes beyond the typical color wash fixture is its 3-zone LED control. The individually-controlled LED zones, along with the unit’s built-in color macros, provide tools for creating stunning “eye candy” effects, anytime you want to dazzle the crowd with extra sizzle.

Fast-moving with sweeping 540° pan/270° tilt rotation, the Q-Wash 419Z LED also features a smooth, flicker-free dimming curve. Extremely silent in its operation (the “Q” could easily stand for Quiet!), it is a perfect light for accommodating noise-sensitive applications.

“We’re undergoing a visual revolution of sorts, where people today expect to see colored lights and special effects not only in cutting-edge nightclubs and large concert tour productions, but in everyday applications like company banquets, local theaters and neighborhood bars,” said Mike Graham, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional. “The Q-Wash 419Z LED was designed to address this growing demand for high-quality professional-caliber lighting for a variety of mid-size applications. It’s a compact unit that puts out a tremendous amount of light, creates fabulous colors, and offers pro features like a 7°-25° variable zoom and zonal LED control. It’s very versatile, and at the same time, it’s also a great value, making it an ideal flexible and affordable solution to the real-world needs of today’s lighting professionals.”

The Q-Wash 419Z LED fits into a variety of user operational requirements, offering five different DMX profile options: 8, 10, 21 (two) or 24 DMX-channel modes. It features multi-voltage operation (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) and is easily linkable via standard powerCON® connectors; up to 5 units can be linked at 120V, and up to 9 units at 230V. The unit also includes 3- and 5-pin XLR connectors.

Weighing 22 pounds (10 kg) and measuring 11.6 x 10.6 x 14.5 inches (297 x 270 x 369 mm), the Q-Wash 419Z LED is ideal for touring and rentals, as well as installations of all sizes. It is CE, MET and RoHS approved.

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