Solid Apollo's desktop dimmer enables single-handed wireless LED control

July 16, 2014
Solid Apollo LED Lighting introduces the new wireless Desktop LED Dimmer for complete control of LED lights in any modern environment. The contemporary design and high quality finish is discrete and requires only one hand to operate, making the Desktop Dimmer the perfect solution for any modern or professional environment.

Previously interior designers, architects, and contractors had to rely on mostly cheap plastic-heavy remotes that required two hands to operate, as they would otherwise slide around. Most available remotes have an unrefined finish with an enormous amount of unnecessary buttons, which users prefer to place to the side or pack away.

Solid Apollo's solution to the epidemic of tasteless, cheap and complicated remotes, is the new Desktop LED Dimmer. The clean design has been finished in modern glossy Piano Black and has a high quality feel to the overall design. Only one hand is required to operate the remote as the grippy rubber feet prevent any unwanted movement. The control knob provides excellent feedback to ensure the exact brightness level is chosen. The modern subtle finish of the dimmer suits any contemporary environment and will not look out of place for even the most professional setting.

According to Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo, "Several of our customers approached us asking if we could design an LED remote that wouldn't look out of place in their professional work environments, as the current remotes were not suitable for their conference rooms. The Desktop LED Dimmer solves this by being modern, simple and actually desirable to keep on the table top."

The Desktop LED Dimmer has several notable features. The dimmer is easy to set up and remembers the last brightness setting using the built in memory function. The dimmer also has a soft on soft off "theatre style" function, which turns the lights on and off in a gentle manner. The paired LED lights can be dimmed completely from 0% to 100% brightness. The dimmer also has a generous 50 foot range.

The Desktop Dimmer is excellent for the desktop, office, conference or meeting room, lobby, showroom, library, living room, or any other contemporary environment.

Solid Apollo also offers a wide selection of LED light strips, from low voltage to direct household plug in options, and a wide range of standard colors and even up to five different white colors, to bring the exact lighting desired to any project.

About Solid Apollo manufactures and distributes a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products and solutions.


Michael - Solid Apollo LED Lighting

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