Dialight Optics Laboratory receives NVLAP accreditation for LED luminaire testing

July 2, 2014
Dialight Optics Laboratory Now Able to Generate NVLAP Accredited LM-79 Photometric Reports

Farmingdale, NJ -- Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, has announced the Dialight Optics Laboratory received NVLAP accreditation for testing the electrical, photo-metric, colorimetric, and thermal characteristics of solid state lighting luminaires under NVLAP Lab Code 201033-0. This represents the highest standard of accreditation for LED luminaire testing and significantly expands Dialight’s in-house testing capability.

With state of the art equipment -- including a High-Speed Moving Mirror Gonio-photometer and a high-end array spectrometer with integrating sphere -- Dialight is now able to generate NVLAP accredited LM-79 photometric reports that help validate the performance of its industry-leading LED lighting solutions. In addition to reporting total luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution, key electrical characteristics, color rendering index and color temperature, Dialight is also able to generate accredited in-situ (ISTMT) temperature measurements necessary for validating its industry-leading full-performance 10 year warranty.

This milestone is particularly important for Dialight as it continues to provide the industrial and hazardous location markets with the most advanced and most comprehensive line of LED luminaires. Dialight not only benefits from drastically reduced testing costs that come with in-house testing capability, but also faster product-validation turn-around which significantly improves product time-to-market.

"With only a select number of NVLAP-accredited laboratories in the world, and an even smaller number of lighting manufacturers with NVLAP accreditation, Dialight's accreditation strengthens our competitive edge," said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. "We now have more capability and flexibility during the R&D process which ultimately means we can continue delivering industry first LED solutions."

All NVLAP-accredited laboratories must meet both the management and technical requirements of the International Standard, ISO/IEC 17025:2005. For more information on the Dialight Optics Laboratory accreditation, visit http://ts.nist.gov/standards/scopes/2010330.htm. For more information about Dialight's complete industry-leading line of LED lighting solutions for industrial and hazardous locations, including IES files, LM-79 reports and technical datasheets, visit www.dialight.com.


Alyssa Morrello - for Dialight

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