Helvar appoints new sales manager for LED lighting components division

July 28, 2014
International lighting technologies company Helvar has recently appointed Elliet Jones to the role of UK Sales Manager for Lighting Components.

Bringing more than nine years experience of LEDs and LED driver technologies to the role, Elliet has been appointed to help promote Helvar's extensive range of LED drivers, modules and unique standalone lighting controls as well as building on the wide range of magnetic and electronic ballasts.

Elliet said: "Having worked in the industry since the very start of the 'LED revolution,' I've picked up a remarkable level of knowledge and experience that has been pertinent to ensuring the success of my new role with Helvar. Indeed, over the past four years I've been entrenched in the LED driver market and have a very good understanding as to what customers require. I'm looking forward to using these skills and expertise to really help drive Helvar's Lighting Components division forward."


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