Macron Group develops integrated Constant-current LED driver with intelligent occupancy sensor

July 7, 2014
Macron Associate Co., a leading LED driver manufacture announces the completion of the MDR-516-350-15-L and MOC1 high performance LED drivers with an integrated intelligent occupancy sensor. The drivers is designed for applications which require more energy savings, achieved by occupancy detection. The occupancy sensor is preprogrammed with a detection logic programmed by timer ICs.

The Macron team developed this line of constant current drivers with an output power of 15W. 350mA drive current at 28V to 43V output. These drivers are also compatible with most 0-10V analog dimmers from; Lutron, Hunt, Leviton, and Lightolier. Each unit is backed by our 5 year warranty, CUL approved and allows you the extra benefit of flicker free dimming.

Lighting manufacturers can select from this single family of LED drivers to cover a majority of fixtures with the comfort that Macron quality is onboard.

Ben Sun, President of Macron Associate Co., explains that the focus of this driver is to cater to linear LED fixtures designs, like under-cabinet lighting, troffers, linear pendants, etc. This product is a direct result from our customer's fixture designers input. That being said, Macron quality is paramount to all of our product lines and continues to distinguish us from many in the business.

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Macron Associate Co. - Tony Wang

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