Elemental LED OmniDrive dimmable LED driver eliminates flicker and stroboscopic effects

July 22, 2014
Emeryville, California -- Elemental LED, Inc., the recognized U.S.-based leader in innovative LED solutions, announces OMNIDRIVE, a newly designed electronic low-voltage dimmable driver as part of its Diode LED product line. OMNIDRIVE eliminates LED flicker and stroboscopic effects, adding full-range dimming performance for Magnetic Low Voltage Dimming Switches.

Dimming LED lighting with the same smooth, continuous, flicker-free performance as incandescent dimming has been a longstanding industry-wide challenge due to incompatibility between LED driver technology and common dimming controls. The OMNIDRIVE Electronic Dimmable LED Driver solves the top challenges for dimming LED lighting by removing flicker, ensuring smooth dimming and significantly increasing compatibility with dimming control systems.

"I spend a lot of time listening to our customers and looking for ways to make it easier for them to transition to LED lighting solutions. What they said was they needed more reliable and consistent LED dimming solutions than are currently available in the market," says Randy Holleschau, Elemental LED founder and CEO. "The OMNIDRIVE product line is really years in the making, but the response we are seeing from our customers is that it was worth the wait. We got it right!"

OMNIDRIVE Electronic Dimmable Drivers offer widespread compatibility with dimming switch technology, including Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage, Incandescent/Halogen, Multi-Way, and On/Off Switches. This is the widest range of control options, with the added benefit of flicker-free 10% to 100% smooth dimming.

"Since it is the LED driver that interprets control signals in order to dim the LEDs, an LED driver's compatibility with the dimming control is a primary determinant of dimming performance," says Andreas Dankelmann, Elemental LED Director of Product Development. "We have tested and validated the performance of OMNIDRIVE to develop an extensive compatibility list to ensure performance across the broadest range of dimming control technologies."

Availability: OMNIDRIVE Electronic Dimmable Drivers are available through the Diode LED nationwide dealer network. Elemental LED manufactures the Diode LED brand of LED products for the wholesale division, and offers expert project consultation, product customization, and in-stock, ready-to-ship products. Local dealers can be found through the dealer locator service on the Diode LED website: www.diodeLED.com

For more information about the new OMNIDRIVE Electronic Dimmable Drivers from Elemental LED, including a compatibility list and detailed specifications, call (877) 817-6028 or visit www.DiodeLED.com

About Elemental LED: Elemental LED is the recognized U.S.-based leader in innovative LED solutions. We partner with our customers to understand their needs and deliver tailored products, services, and education. "We make it easy." We are dedicated to helping customers understand, adopt, and benefit from LED lighting solutions through our combined LED lighting technology, customized product portfolio, and extensive support services.


Jim Puchbauer, Vice President of Marketing - Elemental LED

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