Solid Apollo's wireless Gecko dimmer switch eliminates complex wiring for LED lighting

July 22, 2014
The Gecko Wireless Dimmer from Solid Apollo is an entirely new wireless dimmer design. No more switchboxes, wiring or extensive installation time is required to control your LED lighting project. The Gecko Dimmer has the function and appearance of a normal wall switch, but instead it simply sticks to the wall and pairs completely wirelessly with a hidden receiver for full LED lighting control. Strong double sided tape is included for quick and easy placement on a variety of flat surfaces.

Current low voltage wall-mounted LED dimmers require power hard wired to the dimmer, taking valuable time to cut an unsightly hole in the mounting surface, then run and attach wiring and complete the full installation to bring wall-mounted control to LED Lights. Depending on the type of mounting surface chosen, even more extensive modification to the wall, or specialized tools could be required to accurately prepare the surface. The solution is the Gecko Wireless Dimmer, which works similar to a normal wall switch, but without the need of complex wiring or difficult installation.

The CEO of Soild Apollo, Manuel Barquin, stated, "The new Gecko is incredibly simple -- now you can have LED control on any flat surface. There are no more restrictions, you can now mount almost anywhere, even previously difficult to mount surfaces like brick, concrete or marble, the possibilities are endless!"

The Gecko is finished in Ivory White with a beautiful glass surface, with full LED dimming control of two zones and includes a soft-on soft-off "theatre style" dimming control which turns the lights on or off slowly. Durable double sided tape is included with the Gecko Dimmer for quick yet strong surface mount and also includes screws for hard mount permanent installation.

The Gecko Wireless LED Dimmer is perfect for controlling up to two zones of single color LED lights. Stick or mount to a variety of flat surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, floors, undercabinets, on furniture, or even leave unmounted as a hand held remote. Solid Apollo also has a large selection of LED strip lights to pair with the Gecko, such as the Warm White High Brightness 43W LED Strip Light, for beautiful accent lighting that's also easy to stick and mount.

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Michael - Solid Apollo

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