Trumpro LED helps upgrade to solid-state lighting at ACE Molding plant

July 22, 2014
In the field of injection mold industry, ACE Molding is revered as the Ross Roy of molding making. It earned its reputation by high quality, precision and the unique capability of making complicated and intricate molds. Being at the pinnacle of the industry, ACE is of course extremely demanding on the lighting in its workshops. ACE requires absolutely the best.

The phone call to invite us to its Shanghai plant came in the summer of 2011. Thinking this would be just another initial call on the customer, we were surprised, not so much by the requirements, but by a different aspect. The shop where the lights are to be installed is for Global Fortune 100 company, who is a giant in the lighting industry, and was making LED lights for industrial applications. Sitting in the meeting were three gentlemen from that company. Understandably, they wished to use their industrial high bay LED lights. We shared with them the differences in quality, performance and value proposition of our LED lights versus theirs. At the end of this meeting, we won the opportunity to install one light at ACE for trial use. We remained hopeful for the entire summer, but we also knew that we were up against the Goliath of lighting.

Well, the result? You know of course. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here to publish this case. ACE awarded us with the project. We completed the project in the fall of 2011. It has been almost four years, and our lights shine the workshop, and experience no appreciable lumen depreciation. Following this project, ACE has awarded us many more projects to equip their workshops with our LED lights in Shanghai, Hefei and Zhuhai. Today, ACE is one of our loyal customers, and has referred many other customers to us. Thank you, ACE!

Again and again, we win customer’s confidence and business by good quality products, by our value proposition, and by going the extra mile to meet customers' needs, and conducting ourselves with professionalism and integrity.

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