Labsphere's Stratosphere software division will provide software to test and measurement hardware companies

July 9, 2014
Labsphere, Inc. has launched its newest business division, Stratosphere Software, as a software solutions provider for test and measurement hardware companies. Building off the success of its award-winning Integral® software platform, Labsphere's newest division provides leading edge software solutions for hardware companies who want to radically improve their software offerings.

Dr. Peter Weitzman has been named the General Manager of Stratosphere Software. Under his leadership as Senior VP of Labsphere, the Integral software platform was brought to market and helped transform Labsphere from a traditional hardware manufacturer to a company offering the latest technologies in software.

In announcing the new venture, Dr. Weitzman said, "Stratosphere is the software partner for test and measurement companies who realize they need to modernize their software but may not have the resources to do so. We offer software solutions that help these companies deliver value to their own customers. Based on specific needs, we provide the latest technologies including a web-based multi-language platform with advanced data acquisition, database storage, analysis, and reporting."

Stratosphere Software is a division of Labsphere, Inc.

Labsphere, Inc., is headquartered in North Sutton, New Hampshire, with a satellite facility in China and a global network of distribution partners. Founded in 1979, it is part of the Halma group of companies. Labsphere specializes in providing software and hardware solutions for light measurement, remote sensing and imager/consumer camera calibration. Labsphere's expertise in diffuse optical coatings and materials, including Spectralon® and Spectraflect®, and instrumentation defines the standard for reflectance and spectroscopy applications.


Darlene Delano - Labsphere

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