Restaurant chain gets colorful Title 24-compliant lighting design from LED Source

July 11, 2014
Restaurant LED Lighting -- Color Meets Design
The latest U.S. import from China is Meizhou Dongpo – an upscale restaurant group from Beijing with a contemporary Sichuan fare.

Made To Impress

North Americans may not be familiar with Meizhou Dongpo Restaurants yet, but one of the most popular food chains in China, is making inroads with their flagship location at the Westfield Shopping Mall in Century City, California. Since opening their first restaurant in 1996, Meizhou Dongpo has been serving what has been called "upscale civilian dishes" with traditional Chinese culinary in a vibrant atmosphere for diners of all ages.

Located just off of trendy Santa Monica Boulevard, the distinctive design incorporating a flashy color-changing facade with gold embellishments, showcases the vast kitchen and unique indoor/outdoor layout featuring a covered exterior bar. Patrons can enjoy signature dishes from authentic Chinese chefs in an energetic, contemporary environment.

Being their first restaurant in the United States, the owners wanted to create an elegant yet chic and modern Asian design using elements of Chinese culture with a focus on color. A number of Meizhou Dongpo locations in China have been slowly incorporating RGB lighting into their design. For the U.S. market, it was not only important to maintain brand consistency, the owners also wanted to make a statement with color that separated themselves from other establishments in the area.

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant is able to set the mood for any occasion instantly with state-of-the-art RGB LED lighting. Pre-programmed lighting themes provide the perfect setting for special events or holiday parties.

There were a number of project challenges the team at LED Source Los Angeles had to overcome. In California, the California Energy Commission passed Title 24, a law that governs building energy efficiency for commercial businesses. To comply with the strict regulations and to achieve the objectives outlined by the owners, LED lighting proved to be the best solution.

For general lighting, the design team utilized 56 PAR20 2700K Energy Star LED lamps. These lamps were used in recessed cans located throughout the restaurant.

One of the main focal points is the 475 handcrafted glass vases residing in glass-walled cubbyholes surrounding the perimeter of the building. Meizhou Dongpo wanted the ability to control color for each of the cubbies, but the overall size and location was an issue. To accomplish this, LED Source Los Angeles used 1080 ft. of Nora Lighting LED Tape Light comprised of 975 ft. RGB 24V and 105 ft. 3000K 24V, each controlled via the innovative lighting system.

For color-changing throughout the interior of the restaurant, the design team chose Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures. To light the alcoves, main bar and glass walls, 65 ColorFuse Powercore, 28 iColor Cove EC Powercore and 18 ColorGraze QLX Powercore LED fixtures were used.

Meizhou Dongpo has elevated itself to the next level for authentic Chinese dining. Incorporating modern design with endless color possibilities, the restaurant is sure to attract attention and become a mainstay in the local community.

"LED Source has a professional team, and after seeing what they had accomplished on other projects, we knew they could help us with our flagship restaurant. We could not be happier with the end results." - Chien Geiger, Meizhou Dongpo


LED Source - Dean Ernst

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