Lediamond Opto develops 360-degree omnidirectional LED filament module for retrofit lamps

July 30, 2014

Tesla LED 360 omni-directional Filament / Module

Introducing new LED filament innovation

Best luminous efficacy on market

Up to 180 lm/W 360 beam angle Features: 1. Omni-directional light source 2. No heat sink required, reduces the heat dissipation cost of lamps 3. Using a non-isolated circuit resolves safety problems 4. The highest lm/W compared to a traditional LED package. Tesla LED filament is the only one that has an associated LM80 report in comparison with others. Besides, the efficiency of the filament is 160 lm/W @2700K and 80 CRI, which is the highest mass production standard compared to other filaments. By using Tesla 1505 4in1 module, an LED candle light can reach 500 hot lm; using Tesla 2903 4in1 module, an A19 lamp can reach 700 hot lm.


Lediamond Opto Corporation - Alan Hsiao (sales)


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