LSC Lighting Systems brings three new LED entertainment lighting and control products to PLASA

Oct. 2, 2014

LSC Lighting Systems returns to PLASA for its 25th year and will be found on stand H70. We will be showing no less than three new products making their UK debut including the following:

The new GenVI Advanced Dimming System allows any of its channels to be configured as an 8-bit or 16-bit dimmer or alternatively as a direct power relay channel. This TruPower technology, introduced to the market by LSC over 5 years ago, enables the user to set some channels on the GenVI to dim traditional lamps and others to direct power for moving lights, LED fixtures, strobes, fans, video screens and even audio power amplifiers.

Another first for the company is the NEW LDT Dimmer - a new technology dimmer that allows control of dimmable retrofit style LED fixtures. With the global move to LED technology, many users simply replace existing fixtures with their LED equivalent only to find that they can’t dim them since the majority of traditional dimmers will not dim LED fixtures. LDT offers the perfect solution to your potential problem. For a full demo of this new technology, please visit us on the stand. PowerPoint is designed for applications wherever fixed or mobile power distribution is required, PowerPoint offers the user a 4-pole mains input isolator switch with Neutral Disconnect as standard and individual RCBO (RCD+MCB) per output channel. There are also 3 neon phase indicators to show power input to the rack. Not generally found in similar products, all three of these functions benefit the user by increasing the safety levels when using PowerPoint. APS was launched in late 2013 and has been a resounding success. This innovative power distribution unit was designed to remove the problems of collective in-rush currents and earth leakage of intelligent and LED fixtures causing unwanted breaker trips. Equally at home in the lighting, sound and video markets, for portable or permanent installation, the new APS solves these issues and also offers power monitoring of voltage and current both locally and remote, with control via DMX512, manual or remote control over RDM and staggered startup across multiple units, APS lives up to its objective of being a truly universal product. Along with the above, LSC Lighting will be showing its general range of products including the new and latest version of Clarity LX-Series software, adding even more powerful features to what is already fast becoming the designers console of choice! Image: The GenVI Intelligent Dimmer.


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