Astera plans to exhibit new wireless LED event lighting at LDI 2014

Oct. 15, 2014
Astera will be attending the biggest lighting show in North America, the LDI, in Las Vegas from 21-23 November, 2014. Booth 1286 will be occupied by Astera and their totally wireless event lights.

Sebastian Bückle, Sales & Marketing Director at Astera, commented; “We’re delighted to be going back to the LDI. It’s the biggest show on the calendar to showcase our event range and this year we have a complete line of state-of-the-art wireless fixtures as well as our new app”.

What can you see at their booth?

This smart and intuitive Android app will allow users to control and target any or all lights, group lights, change the effects of lights, as well as brightness, fade, speed etc., and the best part is that it is FREE for download on the Google Play Store. To be used with AsteraBox™ (ART6).

Lightdrop™ (AX3)
The smallest wireless spotlight is now also the most versatile! The Lightdrop™ is a waterproof fixture equipped with a 15W Cree LED chip and many types of application, including magnetic underside, diffusors, hanging hooks, bracket, wall-washing ability, and truss applications via clamps. Great for spotlighting, uplighting, light-up furniture, centrepieces and many other types of uses.

SpotLite™ (AX7)
The younger brother of the SpotMax™ (AX10), the SpotLite™ is a waterproof fixture equipped with 60W of highly powerful Cree LED chips and is seen as a cost-effective and more manageable alternative to the extreme power and brightness of the SpotMax™.

SpotMax™ (AX10)
The most powerful wireless spotlight on the market, the SpotMax™ is a waterproof fixture equipped with 135W of highly powerful Philips LED chips and is especially for stage and high-end event lighting.

Visit Booth 1286 and meet their US distributor, Astera-LEDs, and their US Sales Manager, Hanan Yariv, to experience their wireless event technology.

Astera manufactures wireless LED event lighting and is based in Germany. With a complete product range from small and versatile fixtures to larger and more powerful spotlights, revolutionary controllers, various decorative polyethylene objects, and many other accompanying accessories, Astera offers a tailored variety of wireless lighting solutions for event and lighting designers, DJs, wedding organizers, and corporate event management companies.


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