Robe celebrates 20th anniversary with entertainment spotlight launch at PLASA 2014 exhibition

Oct. 6, 2014
The PLASA 2014 exhibition sees the culmination of Robe’s 20th anniversary celebrations, with the Czech Republic based manufacturer making a big impact in the 1,000 square metre Robe Arena at London’s ExCeL Centre.

The Robe Arena is the company’s largest exhibition area to date, and will highlight Robe’s just launched BMFL Spot, a new mega-bright long-throw signature fixture which needs a large environment in which to be demonstrated most effectively.

Additionally, there are another 12 new innovations launched by Robe at PLASA 2014, together with all the current product range luminaires on this spectacular booth, which will also feature one of Robe’s dazzling exhibition lightshows.

CEO Josef Valchar states, “We attend many exhibitions around the globe, but it’s always good to be back in London, and this has always felt like THE lighting show for us. We wanted to do something different and special because of our 20th anniversary, and we look forward to another fantastic show and to meeting people from across the industry and all over the world”.

The full touring exhibition stand of sister architectural LED sister company Anolis will be integrated into the Robe Arena, and the newly acquired LightWare series of battery powered LED products (now manufactured in the Czech Republic) will also feature prominently as well as MDG’s fog and haze products.

Robe will have over 60 staff on hand offering multi-lingual product demonstrations and consultations.

There will be a large stage and a full bar facility to ensure that the famous Czech hospitality can be enjoyed by all Robe’s friends and family - current, future and potential - in a truly inspirational space, making PLASA 2014 a landmark for the company.

BMFL™ Spot
This much anticipated new lighting fixture from Robe is a real game-changer in the world of moving lights.

The Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire (BMFL) has a custom light source specially designed for Robe that produces a staggeringly powerful 250,000 lux at 5 metres - no other product currently on the market can equal this output!
Despite its power and comprehensive feature set, it weighs just 36 Kgs … and has a compact body profile.

The lamp produces light at a CRI of 92. This combined with a refined optical system and 5 – 55 degree zoom results in a crisp, high quality fat beam that is truly homogenised and without a hotspot.

The new, high definition colour mixing technology can produce a full spectrum of colours.

There are also two colour wheels which include filters that can be utilised to adjust colour temperature and improve the CRI of the white output in aging lamps.

There are two rotating gobo wheels - each with six slot&lock gobo positions and also two Rotating Prisms.

The Dual Graphic Wheels both focus within the same focal plane, and the rotation and movement can be individually controlled and varied … to create ultra-cool, infinitely subtle special effects.

The frost and dimming functions provide further effects. Three grades of Frost are available and the dimmer is exceptionally smooth with no distortion, so the full beam width is visible right up to the point at which it fades out.

The strobe effect is very authentic with up to 10 flashes per second!

Aimed at long-throw applications, the newly patented Robe EMS (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) technology, enables the BMFL Spot to absorb vibrations from music and audio sources, truss movement, sprung or suspended floors, etc.

The BMFL Spot is a very powerful, feature packed luminaire that will provide a real signature lightsource for any project.

Robe’s new miniPointe is a small, agile and multi-purpose fixture specifically designed to produce sharp beam and aerial effects.

Strikingly bright 2.5° parallel beams with shimmering colours and static gobo wheel patterns can be multiplied using the new and highly original Dynamic Flower Effect (DFE™) which produces various different flower shapes ... and can dramatically change beams and aeriel looks.

The fine-tuned short arc Osram Sirius HRI 140 W RO lightsource together with the optimized optical system cuts effortlessly through haze and fog. A smooth variable frost filter and any one of the 13 instantly accessible rich colours can help create fabulously even wash effects, adding even more creative options to this compact powerful Beam, Wash and Effects fixture.

CycPix 12TM
This unique easy-to-install wash fixture offers an 8° – 67° zooming optical system and an array of twelve powerful 15W RGBW multichip LEDs.

RGBW colour mixing is possible for the complete array of LEDs or for each individual pixel, offering an extensive range of colours from delicate pastels to intense saturates, including a selection of pre-set calibrated whites, variable CTO and tungsten effects. More options include a full power strobe effect and very smooth dimming, while the manual tilt setting allows -50° to +90° adjustment.

DL4S ProfileTM
This extends the possibilities of the dynamic DLS Profile moving light.
The new DL4S is equipped with an enhanced version of Robe’s RGBW LED module for creating brighter saturated colours and a more powerful output.

It boosts the already smooth colour range, fading and dimming of the DLS profile, and the DL4S also features an innovative LED driver system, producing an improved and extremely high definition dimming curve for all R, G, B and W colours … with 18 bit resolution.

The new RGBW LED module reproduces deep saturates and a full range of pastel colours at output levels normally associated with 1200W discharge fixtures as well as a selection of pure whites at preselected 2700, 3200, 4200, 5600 and 8000K colour temperatures.

As with all models in Robe’s DL luminaire range, the lightsource is completely homogenised with no shadows.

The tungsten emulation function also allows this fixture to be seamlessly integrated into lighting schemes using existing traditional lanterns.

A system of four fast, smooth, framing shutters has been added within the optical path design of the proven DLX Spot format.

Individual control of each shutter blade position and angle, plus rotation of the complete framing module, can produce new effects utilizing pre-programmed shutter-blade shape and movement sequences. It can also provide either a sharp and precise focus or a soft frame for projected images.

This brand new powerful fixture will be launched at the show. It utilizes the latest LED technology and can be used either as a beam or a wash light.

With flexibility to the fore, it features a unique proprietary optical system with a zoom of 4 – 60 degrees and full beam control … giving an extremely tight and intense beam for long throws or a nice smooth even wash.

A super-fast pan / tilt is great for creating spectacular ‘WOW factor’ effects.

‘Small is beautiful’ has always been a winning mantra for Robe, and the highly versatile CycFX 4 takes all the flexible parameters of the CycFX 8 and presents it in a smaller, half size package.

Truss or floor-mountable and offering four individually controllable LEDs, an amazing 8 to 67 degree zoom and lightning-quick movement, this is an outstanding fixture that is ideal for creating spectacular sweeps and curtains of light and colour across a stage or an area … and also for footlights or audience ‘blinder’ effects.

CycFX 4s can be combined with CycFX 8s for even greater dynamics and the ability to build structural and sculptural shapes, to frame pros arches or scenic pieces and for general architectural outlining.

The first LED PAR of its kind, Robe’s PARFect is based on the hugely popular LEDBeam 100 technology, utilizing the same optical system and light engine in a static housing.

The PARFect uses 12 x 15W RGBW LEDs and has a 7 degree beam angle with the option of additional diffusers to achieve 10, 20 and 45 degrees.

A Powercon connector in and out allows 12 or 6 units (Europe and US respectively) to be daisy-chained together, and optional accessories include barn doors and a gel frame.

In addition to the RGBW version, a SmartWhite PARFect, tuneable from 2700 – 6500K and a daylight fixture at 6200K – are also launched at PLASA.

Battery Powered Technology :
In February 2014, Robe acquired all relevant patents and intellectual property from UK company GDS to manufacture and further develop the popular range of LiteWare battery powered LED products which have now been customized by Robe’s R ‘n’ D department and are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

LiteWare HO2TM
The first product to be released by Robe is a high-output (HO2) up-lighter using two 40W RGBW LEDs. The rechargeable battery will power the LED lightsource for up to 16 hours, depending on the colour mix and output level.

The patented tilting head enables the light output to be directed onto walls, pillars and other architectural features. Each unit can be remotely controlled via wireless DMX or set to operate independently in stand-alone mode.

The base housing has a polished metal finish, reflecting the immediate surroundings and blending into any décor.

LiteWare Satellite2TM
This fixture is based on the same technology as the LiteWare HO2, with the additional feature of a removable head - containing the two 40W RGBW LEDs.

This head can be fitted directly onto the base unit or raised up to 2.7 metres in height using a patented adjustable telescopic pole. With a 170° tilt and 340º pan adjustment, the LiteWare Satellite2 provides a quick, easy-to-rig cable-free system for lighting a conference presenter, a product display, a stage set, etc. ... or alternatively it is ideal as a working light.

The LiteWare HO2 up-lighter and LiteWare Satellite2 units are supplied in purpose-built flight cases of 4 or 6 units, complete with inbuilt intelligent charging systems. The units can be continuously stored ‘on-charge’ ensuring they are always ready for use.

ROBIN Actor 3, 6 and 12 ST
These popular static versions of Robe’s LEDWash moving heads were re-launched at Prolight 2014 with new electronics and the smoothest 20-bit LED dimming curves on the market!

New thermal management means improved and near-silent cooling which is essential for the theatre applications at which The Actor series is aimed, together with studio installations, performing arts shows and exhibitions.


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