Macron's latest constant-current LED driver features open frame form factor

Oct. 6, 2014
Macron Associate Co., a leading LED driver manufacturer, announces the release of the compact 100W output MDR-511-1200-100-O4, a high performance LED driver in an open frame form factor. This driver has universal voltage input (120/277VAC) with features perfect for high Lumen CoB applications in a recessed light fixture design and 0-10v dimming with dim to off feature. This Driver supports Cree CXA 3590, and is a fit for recessed high lumen down lights, Track heads, High bay lights etc.

Macron team developed this constant current driver with current output of 1200mA max and 77VDC to 84VDC output with a very high power factor (100W max total) is standard. These drivers are also compatible with most 0-10v Dimming switches from; Lutron, Hunt, Leviton, and Lightolier. Each unit is backed by our 5 year warranty, cURus approved and allows you the extra benefit of flicker free dimming.

Lighting manufactures can select this single LED driver to cover light engines for high lumen lighting applications using VVHP CoB like CXA 3590. The compact design is well suited for products where driver space is very minimum. This driver also supports active cooling with an auxiliary 12VDC output.

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Macron Associate Co.

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