2014 IES Progress Report includes Lattice Power's high-ouput GaN-on-Si LED PAR38 lamp

Oct. 8, 2014

Palo Alto, CA – Lattice Power, the first company to commercialize high performance, low cost GaN-on-Silicon LEDs, announced that its new PAR38 LED lamp has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Committee as providing an important advancement in lighting. The company’s new proprietary GaN-on-Silicon LED PAR38 LED lamp delivers outstanding efficacy, superior brightness and excellent color rendering.

Lattice Power has succeeded where many other companies have failed. Growing GaN material on a silicon substrate has been a vexing problem for the industry as a result of the material lattice mismatch and thermal expansion mismatch between GaN thin film and silicon substrate. These mismatches contribute to defects in the material, cracking on the wafer and poor quantum efficiency of the epi-layer. By developing a series of proprietary technologies to overcome the mismatch problems, Lattice Power is able to manufacture high performance, consistent quality and extremely reliable LEDs. The company’s breakthrough GaN-based LEDs on silicon substrate offers exceptionally high light density and better thermal dissipation. The company’s GaN-on-Silicon LED PAR38 lamp has the industry’s highest lumen output without active cooling—2000 lumens at 27W. An innovative thermal pipe heatsink provides efficient heat dissipation and eliminates the need for active cooling. Furthermore, the lamp has the highest power and lumen density from a single emitter LED and the lowest thermal resistance from an integrated package at 0.25C/W. The 27W PAR38 LED lamp is available in various color temperature. As a vertically integrated company, LatticePower designs, engineers and manufactures the components in its lighting products, optimizing performance for commercial applications and reducing time to market at scale. All of Lattice Power’s products are certified to international standards for the general lighting market, including indoor and outdoor applications. The IES Progress Report submittals, which consist of new products, applications, research, design tools, and publications, are reviewed by the IES Progress Committee, who is responsible for monitoring developments in the art and science of lighting worldwide. The committee is made up of lighting industry professionals who possess expertise in varied areas within the field. Each submittal goes through a comprehensive judging process and is evaluated for uniqueness, innovation and significance to the lighting industry. To learn more about Lattice Power’s GaN-on-Silicon LED technology and high performance lamps and fixtures, visit www.lpglighting.com. For more information on the IES Progress Report 2014, visit www.ies.org/progress/. About Lattice Power Innovating the next generation of light fixtures using advanced GaN-on-Silicon LEDs, Lattice Power has brought about the convergence of performance, design and affordability in lighting. The company’s proprietary GaN-on-Silicon LED fixtures deliver outstanding efficacy, superior brightness and excellent color rendering. As a vertically integrated company, Lattice Power designs, engineers and manufacturers all the components in its fixtures, optimizing performance and reducing time to market at scale. The company is backed by international renowned venture capital companies, is managed by global lighting experts and employees a world-class team of scientists and engineers. With more than 200 patents and patent applications, the Lattice Power’s IP portfolio and proprietary technologies have been integrated into the company’s advance, yet affordable, commercial grade LED lamps and fixtures.


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