Juno Lighting Group announces 14 products selected for 2014 IES Progress Report

Oct. 8, 2014

DES PLAINES, Ill. -- Juno Lighting Group®, a leader in high-quality commercial and residential lighting solutions, announced that 14 of its LED luminaires across three diverse product families – Indy™, Juno® and Aculux® – have been selected by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for inclusion in the 2014 IES Progress Report. Sponsored and prepared by the IES Progress Committee, inclusion of luminaires in the IES Progress Report is a prestigious recognition that signifies each recognized product is technologically advanced, innovative and significant to the lighting industry. Over 80 percent of the Juno Lighting Group products submitted for consideration were accepted out of hundreds of submissions to be included in the report.

Through an impartial judging process, each product is subjected to a rigorous review according to a criteria that includes visual performance, optical performance, energy efficiency, size, life, introduction date and overall impact on the lighting market. Products that are included in the IES Progress Report demonstrate an exceptional contribution to and significance within the lighting community. Juno Lighting Group’s IES-selected products include: • Indy L-Series LED Downlights • Indy L-Series LED Adjustables • Indy Designer Series LED Downlight and Wall Wash Luminaire with black body dimming and tunable white technologies • Juno 2-inch LED Round and Square Downlight • Juno Conix® II 64-watt LED Trac Luminaire • Juno Generation 4 IC 900 Lumen WarmDim LED Downlight • Juno T259L Wall Wash LED Trac Luminaire • Juno Generation 2 Trac 12® TL114 LED Mini-Cylinder Spotlight • Juno Arc XL T275L 26-watt LED Trac Luminaire • Juno Trac 12 TL214 LED WarmDim Luminaire • Aculux 3 1/4-inch LED Precision Recessed Luminaire with black body dimming and tunable white technologies • Aculux 2-inch LED Precision Recessed Adjustable Luminaires • Aculux 2-inch LED Hyperbolic Downlight • Aculux 2-inch LED Hyperbolic Wall Wash Luminaire Exemplifying the mission of the IES Progress Committee to honor luminaires that are incorporating advancements and innovative technology that enhance the lighting industry, the Indy L-Series LED Downlights represent an industry-first coordinated family of LED luminaires that offer retail and commercial applications uniform LED performance. Created with a consistent design – from LED color rendering, color temperatures and lumen packages to aperture sizes and trim finishes – across all fixture types and styles – contractors, lighting designers, consultants, engineers and architects can easily achieve a homogeneous look and uniform LED performance in any commercial recessed application. In addition, the Indy L-Series Downlights are available with Juno Lighting Group’s patent-pending hyperbolic reflector, which provides users with superior LED light distribution control for LED sources, giving applications a virtually “silent ceiling” effect. Another example is the Juno 2-inch LED Round and Square Downlights, which offer 600 lumens from a very small form factor fixture. While most small fixtures have limited light output, the Juno 2-inch LED luminaries feature the latest high lumen output LED array while consuming as little as 10 watts – only 15 percent of the energy that larger, 6-inch 65 watt incandescent fixtures require. The fixtures are also binned to within a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse and exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements. “Juno Lighting Group is dedicated to being a leader in the advancement of LED lighting technology while setting the bar for luminaire performance, quality and efficiency,” said Bill Morreal, vice president of marketing, Juno Lighting Group. “We are honored to receive recognition by the Illuminating Engineering Society for such a high volume and diverse array of Juno Lighting Group products, demonstrating our status at the forefront of the industry.” This year’s IES Progress Report will be presented on November 3, 2014 at the IES Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and at local IES Section meetings throughout the coming year. To learn more about Juno Lighting Group products recognized in the 2014 IES Progress Reports, as well as other high performance, efficient LED lighting fixtures for commercial applications, please visit www.junolightinggroup.com. About Juno Lighting Group Founded in 1976, Juno Lighting Group is an industry leader in offering high-quality, energy-efficient commercial and residential lighting solutions. Under the Juno Lighting Group umbrella, the company comprises six product brands: Juno®, Indy™, AccuLite™, Aculux®, NaviLite® and DanaLite. Juno Lighting Group is a Schneider Electric company, a global specialist in energy management.


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