Primeur and Paradox Engineering integrate asset management software and smart city network platform for extended IoT offering

Oct. 30, 2014

Novazzano – The Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA and the multinational company Primeur, Premier IBM Business Partner and one of the main producers of middleware solutions for heterogeneous IT systems, enter an agreement to integrate IBM MAXIMO® Asset Management and PE.AMI Smart City network platform by Paradox Engineering. The two Companies will provide an extended value proposition to customers looking for Internet of Things ready technologies for Smart Cities, M2M and the broader smart market thanks to an integrated high performance data acquisition and asset management solution platform.

The integration of IBM MAXIMO® Asset Management, with Paradox Engineering’s urban wireless sensor network technology PE.AMI, accommodating a variety of services in the same integrated network, will support the development of sound Smart City infrastructures. These will benefit from a turnkey extended system which connects field devices and activities to management and maintenance programs, supporting the automatic determination of repairs and replacements and storing historic data for future decisions. “The integration of our award-winning PE.AMI with the sound-experienced and deployed IBM MAXIMO® Asset Management enables us to further extend our value proposition for any customer requirements today and in the future in the IoT and Smart City field.” said Gianni Minetti, President and CEO of Paradox Engineering. “This will enable smarter city services such as smart lighting, smart parking, smart metering, smart waste, traffic management, public WiFi and many more to be managed and controlled more effectively by the matching of such two cutting-edge and leading solutions”. “Our target is to provide a global and integrated approach to Smart City and Smart Infrastructure Solutions. One of the key patterns we see driving those areas are connected assets enabled through the Internet of Things. Thanks to the leading Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI solution we are able to provide these Assets with an efficient communication. Thanks then to our Ghibli integration platform and IBM MAXIMO®, the IBM Market leader Asset management and Maintenance software, we can leverage and integrate data to create intelligence, such as ensuring that Assets are properly maintained and are operating efficiently. Through this partnership, we can provide a solution that enables customers to increase operational efficiency and get high economic saving.” said Stefano Musso, COO of Primeur Group. IBM MAXIMO® Asset Management provides an integrated approach to managing discrete or complex assets, to help organizations overcome challenges rooted in their aging infrastructures or human assets and in their siloed or disconnected systems. By breaking down multiple silos of non-standard, non-integrated systems, an integrated approach can help align operations with overall business objectives. From collecting, consolidating and analyzing essential information on all types of assets to extending the useful life of all assets or equipment, improving return on investment and deferring new purchases as well as improving the delivery of services and achieving greater profits, IBM MAXIMO® Asset Management enables enterprises and companies to a complete and reliable management of the entire lifecycle of business assets and related services. PE.AMI by Paradox Engineering is a natively multipurpose ultra-low power IPv6/6LoWPAN full mesh hybrid wireless and PLC network platform, ready for the Internet of Things, specifically conceived and designed to support multiple Smart City applications such as lighting management, parking management, advanced meter reading, traffic signal management, solid waste management and many more. These services might be deployed at once or in the time, so to support Cities’ needs today and in the future. Offering superior scalability and flexibility, PE.AMI is based on open standards and grants full interoperability and independence of any proprietary protocol and technology. It is also fully agnostic to field devices (luminaires, meters, sensors, etc.) and applications. Offering unlimited network extension in the time, it ensures a future proof choice to Smart Cities, and no kind of lock in. PE.AMI is the first of its kind integrated narrowband and broadband network solution also supporting data hungry applications such as video surveillance, public WiFi, etc. The implementation of PE.AMI bidirectional network platform - connecting various urban objects and collecting data which are the basis for advanced correlation, decision making, management and control of well coherent and integrated urban services – provides a full range of advanced data to flow into IBM MAXIMO® Asset Management, and is a platform supporting the deployment of automatic commands, decisions and actions in the field. Thanks to such system integration, urban government and authorities will be able to operate fundamental transformation in the way they deliver services and extend them through overhauling and streamlining underlying operations for improved livability, sustainability and economies and the benefits of citizens and communities. Primeur and Paradox Engineering are about to start collaborating on projects centered on Smart City and Smart initiatives throughout Europe and North America, willing to boost the edge and strengthen their presence in the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine markets. About Paradox Engineering SA Paradox Engineering SA is a technology company that designs and markets solutions and services to unlock the value of data for industrial remote and condition monitoring, Smart Grid/Smart City, M2M, HUMS and HAN projects in the Internet of Things era. The unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and energy harvesting, and data collection are at the heart of Paradox Engineering’s DNA. The Company conceives and provides open standard urban and industrial wireless sensor network solutions, global virtual networks and OEM versions of its core network technologies, to companies and developers. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, in 2013 the Company welcomed the Japanese corporation Minebea Co. Ltd. as shareholder and acquired the Italian electronic design center Syllogism System S.r.l. Paradox Engineering acts on a truly global scale, supported by branch offices in San Francisco (USA), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Catania (Italy) with business and projects spanning over five continents and a consolidated network of global strategic partners. For more information, please visit and About Primeur PRIMEUR is a multinational company with headquarters in Europe and operations in North and Latin America. For more than 25 years it has been dealing with integration, helping its clients to find effective solutions for managing the most important asset of all companies: data. Primeur's DNA is practically unique in the market, since the company possesses the know-how of System Integrators that is typical of large Consultancy firms, but also develops Frameworks using proprietary software technology (Ghibli), which is instead typical of large software houses. Primeur has set up technological Competence Centers for the areas of Integration, Security, Asset & Service Management, Mobile Device Management. These are highly specialized structures that undertake project activities and provide consultancy for specific customer requirements using the most innovative products and technologies on the market. Primeur has got over 1000 customers worldwide, including large companies operating in the Finance, Manufacturing, Public Administrator, Telco and Service etc. Giovanna Dessi - Marketing & Communication PRIMEUR SUISSE SA Tel. +41 91 971 6550 Email [email protected]


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