Helvar's LEDesign software tool automates selection of compatible control gear for LED light sources

Oct. 27, 2014
Regularly updated to deliver the most accurate LED calculating tool available, LEDesign from Helvar has been designed to help lighting specialists select the compatible control gear for any given LED light source and compare the energy efficiency of the LED solution.

Using the LED’s main input data, the LEDesign tool automates the selection process for compatible LED modules and LED drivers from Helvar’s wide range. LEDesign shows the key electrical and phometrical parameters for the selected combination and indicates whether the LEDs are under or overdriven. What’s more, the tool can also be programmed to display an efficiency graph of the selected LED load, showing just how well it will perform. Additionally the tool allows for very simple energy comparison against traditional light sources such as fluorescent T5 and T8 installations.

LEDesign is downloadable direct from the Helvar website and compatible with Android, MAC OS X and Windows PC, making it quick and easy to use on site, if required. LEDesign is constantly being developed to reflect the latest LED products, hence a version number will help indicate the latest version available.

Johan Stenberg, Field Application Engineer from Helvar said: “With so many products and indeed configurations to choose from in the market, we understand that it can be tricky for our customers to select the appropriate and compatible LED control gear. LEDesign has been designed to help alleviate this uncertainty, making the process as straightforward as possible.”


Helvar Oy Ab

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