ALTP distributes LEDst's 95-99CRI XENOLED packaged LED

Dec. 29, 2014
LEDst’s XENOLED is a high-end, high-powered LED chip device with a CRI (Color-Rendering Index) of 95~99. The closer to 100% a CRI becomes, it is the most similar to true sunlight. The XENOLED has a lifespan three to five times longer than that of other-high-end LEDs to equal cost savings of replacement with longer chip life. The technology was created and patented by LEDst, a South Korean company, and is currently used in Japan, Europe, and South Korea.

The innovation by LEDst has classified the innovation into two innovation technologies:
1.) XENOLEDTM400 and 2.) XENOLEDTM450

No. Series CCT (K) IF (mA) VF (V) Watt (W) Luminous Flux (lm) Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) CRI
1 LT561N-WF41 (slug type) 5,000 100 3,050 0.31 26.0 86.0 Ra = Max 99
Ri = Max 99
2 3,000 100 3,050 0.31 23.8 79.0
3 5,000 100 3,050 0.31 28.3 95.0 Ra = Max 99
Ri = Max 97
4 3,000 100 3,050 0.31 25.0 83.0



Key features and their benefits:
LEDst’s packages and modules
• 95 ~ 99 % CRI
• Last three to five times longer than other high-end LEDs.
• Energy / cost savings over older lighting styles with replacement of LEDst solutions
Intellectual Property Status
There are eight patents for the product in South Korea, and nine PCT have been filed for the USA.

Market Validation
There is high demand for 95~99 CRI LEDs in the USA as the market LED offerings offer 80-90% on average, are not durable enough. It is estimated that the revenue of the global LED Lighting market for buildings hit $8.1 billion at the end of 2013 and will rise to around $10.3 billion by the end of 2014.

Business Development Status
ALTP and Associates became LEDst’s Manufacturer’s Representative Firm in the USA and Canada in September 2014. LEDst began sales in South Korea in 2001. The product is being been tested for UL Certification valid as of December 2014, and LM80 certification by February 2015.

• LEDst is partnered with ALTP and Associates, a U.S. Manufacturer’s Representative Firm since September 2014.
• Highest in demand in the USA are 5630 pkg in High CRI(Ra=97) - the first item to be LM80 approved/ and PCBA using 5630 pkgs.
• Secondary, 26W, 39W COB.
• LEDst is looking for partners outside of the USA and Canada to license, distribute and/or joint venture in establishing a co-manufacturing plant for Xenoled packages and modules.

LEDst – Head of R & D, Mr. Noh-Joon Park
CEO, Mr. Lonnie An


ALTP & Associates, LLC - Manufacturers' Representative Firm for LEDst in the USA & Canada
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