LED Lighting Inc. Versa Bar XLR horticultural LED light is available in multiple lengths and CCTs

Dec. 19, 2014
LED Lighting Inc., a primary resource for custom illumination solutions, brings new opportunities to the horticultural industry introducing the Versa Bar XLR (Extra Long Run) for energy savings and increased productivity. The new plant growth fixtures have improved efficiency for multiple applications including: urban gardens, greenhouses, vertical farms, laboratories and hydroponic systems.

“We are committed to creating a sustainable environment while developing innovative technology and providing lighting solutions that meet customers applications”, says William (Bill) Hood, LED Lighting Inc. CEO.

LED Lighting Inc.’s Versa Bar XLR offers a number of benefits to the horticulture industry including: increased yielding, early flowering and fast root growth. LEDs generate less heat, in comparison to classical sources, which make temperature control in the plant environment easier to maintain. The Versa Bar XLR has an estimated life expectancy of 100,000 hours and can increase energy savings up to 60 percent.

The Versa Bar XLR allows customers to connect more bars together without voltage drop, which is the gradual decrease of voltage along the length of the wire as electricity travels away from a power source. The Versa Bar XLR has a maximum run of 32 feet per driver, doubling that of the standard Versa Bar. While commercial grow operations use our blue, red, deep red and amber, the Versa Bar XLR is also available in warm white (3000K), neutral white (4100K) and cool white (6250K). LED Lighting Inc. offers the Versa Bar XLR in 5 standard lengths and can also customize sizing and CCT to meet application specifications.

The Versa Bar XLR features easy mounting options using quick magnets mounted into the back of the bar or clip and screw installation using flat (180°) clips. The bar mounts to wood, steel or metal and most hard smooth surfaces.
For more information about LED Lighting Inc.'s Versa Bar XLR contact [email protected].

LED Lighting Inc. continues to relentlessly expand and position itself as one of the only Custom Illumination Solution specialists in the marketplace, since 2004. As an innovator of LED lighting and technology, LED Lighting Inc. recognizes its uniqueness with providing custom applications and meeting detailed specifications. LED Lighting Inc. products are thoroughly tested and backed with strong warranties. For more information visit http://www.ledlightinginc.com.


Samantha Raines - LED Lighting Inc.

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