ALGLO launches LED light fixture design kit that enables simpler LED upgrades

Dec. 9, 2014
AUSTIN - ALGLO, an LED lighting company with offices in Austin, has officially launched the first ever LED Light Fixture Design Kit. The purpose of the kit is to remove the engineering from designing LED fixtures in order to encourage more fixture designers to utilize the technology.

ALGLO provides buyers with LED modules ranging in color warmths from cool and bright whites to warm white similar to what you get from an incandescent bulb. Their technology allows users to vary the brightness, power, and distribution (via lenses) in order to arrive at the desired light output which can all be tested very simply with the kit. You can find out more information on the kit at

“We have been developing our LED drivers for over a year and continue to discover new applications for them” says founder Drew Vigen. The company plans to announce at least three additional product lines over the next six months.

The LED Light Fixture Design Kit will be marketed to several different markets including fixture manufacturers, artisans, and maker spaces as well as architects and interior designers. It can be used in the process of creating light fixtures for the first group but also in finding what LED lighting should be used in different environments which can be tricky.

With a tool like this and a growing consistency in LED products, it will be much easier to incorporate LEDs into homes and offices.


ALGLO is an LED driver and controller manufacturer helping to advance the adoption of LED lighting into our everyday lives. The increased efficiency and safety of LED lighting drives the company to develop innovative products with new applications.

ALGLO is taking a step back within the lighting world and using cutting edge technology to implement a new True LED lighting system. For more information visit or reach out directly to [email protected].


Matt Astrella, Media Relations - ALGLO

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