Yaham Lighting's T-Bar LED fixture uses patented lens for light distribution in billboard and signage applications

Dec. 1, 2014
Recently, Yaham Lighting introduced a new LED lighting product called “T-Bar”, which is designed with special light distribution so that it can be used for billboard and as wall washer lighting. With the patented lens the high efficiency and accurate light distribution bring a more efficient facade lighting solution. 120W and 200W LED light fixtures can replace 250W and 400W HID lighting perfectly.

Billboards are generally used to present large outdoor advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. The advertisement effect is more obvious at night. The lights are always installed above or below the billboards with strict attention to light distribution. The traditional HID lighting uses reflectors to provide an asymmetric light distribution, but most of it is wasted and the uniformity is still low. Many companies have installed conventional LED flood lights on the billboard but the dark field is more obvious.

Yaham Lighting designed a new lens structure to solve the light distribution problem. After more than hundreds of tests and modifications, engineers found a new technique for light distribution. By using a reflector element at one side of the lens, almost 90% of the light is distributed to the billboard. This refraction-reflection optical system design efficiently directs the light and produces superior photometrics.

According to simulations, we compared the 120W T-Bar with 250W MH from Philips. The results showed that the average luminance achieved a higher level, but the uniformity of T-Bar is above 0.4 while the MH is only about 0.3.

In order to pursue a better level of thermal management and protection, the whole heat sink was completely redesigned. T-Bar abandons the conventional modular design, and we selected a one-piece aluminum heat sink.

An independent electrical cavity keeps the power supply separated from the outer space, providing double protection for the power supply and electrical wires. The power supply is installed on the back shroud; a gap is formed between power supply and heat sink to ensure the performance of the LED driver.

The T-Bar light incorporates the latest technology by using original Nichia LED chips, providing more than 100 lumens/watt. It also features a Mean Well power supply, a patented light distribution, and a better thermal management system compare to the older LED technologies. This product also can support intelligent expansion if the application calls for a dusk-to-dawn solution.

The LED T-Bar light offers a reduction in system energy compared with standard HID systems in billboard and wall washer lighting. Yaham Lighting is developing a new lighting product based on the T-Bar fixture for high bay and flood light applications and even new street lights.


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