Spring City launches Symphonic X-Series LED system with patented thermal management scheme

June 26, 2014
The new acorn LED System produces superior uniformity while achieving over 121 lumens per watt and backed by a 10 year warranty.

Spring City recently unveiled their newly engineered LED System that incorporates the Symphonic LED System inside a traditional acorn globe. The progressive solution unites the individually engineered traditional Symphonic system components into one united structure. Fittingly named the Symphonic X-Series LED System, it surpasses similar systems in performance as well as longevity while achieving the highest lumen output in the industry.

The patent pending X-Series, also utilizes the optical system, similar to the successful Crossfire System seen in the Symphonic launched in 2013. The optical system employs the angle and position of the optics along with refraction technology to capitalize on the directional nature of the LEDs. This synthesis produces beams of light that efficiently aim toward the task, maximizing light output and downward uniformity.

The X-Series combines the optical system with Spring City's patented Coolcast Thermal Management System; resulting in enhanced light output performance, increased longevity, and drastically reduced maintenance costs. Coolcast controls heat through its vertical ribbing; which pulls heat away from the LED optics, and swiftly directs it downward to dissipate the heat away from the light. The disseminated heat creates a constant low temperature allowing the other components of the luminaire to work at their optimal level.

The Symphonic X-Series LED System orchestrates individual engineering achievements into a system that increases consistency while achieving over 121 lumens per watt. The unique performance will allow customers the flexibility to evaluate wattage and pole placement; which can lower upfront costs and improve the ROI.


Tracie Wolf, Marketing - Spring City

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