Hatch Lighting I-LOC LED drivers with adjustable driver output current featured at LightFair

June 2, 2014
Tampa, Florida

Taking a leadership position in LED Driver innovation; HATCH Lighting introduces I-LOC™ (Interchangeable Level of Output Current) Technology, a simplistic approach to driver output current adjustability.

Hatch's I-LOC™ Technology requires no computer programming or special installation expertise to adjust the driver's output current. I-LOC™ Technology overcomes the complexities usually associated with configuration in the field as driver current output levels are manually adjusted with the insertion of a key. The keys are pre-set with a driver factor (output current adjustment) and cover current output increments of 1mA from 50% to maximum output of the driver. I-LOC™ offers you control of output without the need for uniquely trained technicians or specialty equipment. To configure the driver output, simply insert a new driver factor key.

“We identified output current adjustability as an area in need of innovation and for this product our motto is simplicity is the key”, stated Michael Hatch, CEO and founder. “Quite often our customers relay to us their frustrations around driver output programmability. We take these conversations to heart and placed a laser focus on solving their issues in the most simplistic and efficient manner possible. I-LOC™ Technology and the I-LOC™ enabled line of LED drivers is the result of that endeavor.”

Empowered with I-LOC™ Technology, OEM’s, Designer’s, Fabricators and Specifiers are no longer constrained by market supply. With just two simple steps, Pick & Click, you can now pick your desired output current and click in the appropriate driver factor key. One Hatch I-LOC enabled LED driver replaces hundreds of individual SKU’s, maximizing your return on investment while releasing capital tied to excess inventory. In-field configuration is a snap without the need for external equipment or access to computers or specialty software. Unique driver factor markings call out the adjustments at play providing unmatched vision into the output current being utilized.

Hatch I-LOC™ Technology provides tomorrow’s driver output current adjustability, today. Samples will be available early 3Q 2014 with product shipping early 4Q 2014. This technology has been submitted for Light Fair International's Innovation of the year award and will be showcased in Las Vegas at Hatch’s booth #5417.

About Hatch Lighting
At Hatch, our customers have trusted us for 25 years to provide them with the top-notch products and personal service that only an independent manufacturer can provide. Today, Hatch has stayed true to its roots and is the premier independent full-line power supply manufacturer in the industry. Whether you need transformers, HID ballasts, fluorescent ballasts, or LED Drivers, Hatch has you covered. For more information, and to watch an I-LOC™ overview video, visit http://www.hatchlighting.com.


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