LG Display, Novaled, Sumitomo, UDC and more headline OLEDs 2014 agenda

June 5, 2014
Smithers Apex, in association with the OLED Association, is proud to announce that LG Display, Novaled, BASF, Acuity Brands Lighting, Konica Minolta, DuPont Displays, Panasonic, Visionox, BOE, Philips Lighting and many more of the industry's most influential players in OLED lighting and displays will be presenting at the OLEDs World Summit 2014. The 16th annual event will take place September 16-18 at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley, CA. The OLEDs World Summit is the longest-running, preeminent business development and technical event dedicated exclusively to the OLEDs industry - connecting researchers with customers and manufacturers in both the lighting and display sectors.

OLEDs 2014 will kick off with two pre-conference short courses covering lighting manufacturing and test standards for the SSL market and the commercialization of graphene, followed by an afternoon focusing on broader topics in the OLED industry; a full day of business and technical focus on OLED displays/materials and a full day of OLED lighting topics. Gildas Sorin, CEO, Novaled GmbH will provide the conference keynote on the OLED industry's current ascent.

"After our most successful year ever in 2013, our advisors - who represent key players like Apple, Acuity, Cambridge Display Technology, Bardsley Consulting, SKKU, UDC, Eastman Kodak, Novaled, and the OLED Association - were energized by the advancements in OLED lighting and displays that were shared and have been working hard to ensure that the 2014 edition capitalizes on this momentum," said Andrew Smaha, conference director for Smithers Apex.

"For 2014, we set out to deliver three full days of intense examination of the materials, technologies and strategies needed to push OLEDs into living rooms, cars, workplaces and everywhere else. This Summit is not a loosely designed exposition with casual attendees, but rather a highly concentrated business meeting where more than 250 key players from diverse organizations gather to share information and gain the knowledge required to build their business plans moving forward. Scientists, analysts, R&D professionals, media, materials suppliers, architects and designers, manufacturers and CEOs will all want to attend."

At the OLEDs World Summit 2014, attendees will benefit from three full days filled with more than thirty presentations from the leading organizations in the industry including Acuity Brands Lighting, Applied Materials, Blackbody, BOE Technology Group, Discovery Institute, DuPont Displays, Konica Minolta, LG Display R&D Center, nTact, OLEDWorks, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company, Philips Lighting, Solvay Research & Innovation, Universal Display Corporation, Visionox Group and XG Sciences.

The international audience of OLED lighting and display leaders will also hear from Applied Graphene Materials, Bardsley Consulting, Cambrios Technologies, DisplaySearch | Solarbuzz, Grafoid, Graphene Technologies, Graphenea, Holst Centre/TNO, Institut für Angewandte Photophysik, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, OLED Association, Osaka University, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), U.S. Department of Energy, UBI Research, University of Southern California and Veritas et Visus.

Limited sponsorship and exhibition opportunities remain for OLEDs 2014. For complete information, please visit the conference website at www.oledsworldsummit.com.

Directly prior to OLED 2014 is the inaugural edition of the Graphene World Summit. Graphene 2014 will take place September 15-16 also at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley, CA and will bring together the scientific, commercial and investment communities to forge new partnerships and exchange ideas in pursuit of the successful development and commercialization of graphene. For more information, visit www.grapheneworldsummit.com.


Danielle Marks - Smithers Apex
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